Welcome to Camp Bores! My name is Kylie [Mrs.B] and I am the writer behind this website campsite. I was born and raised in a small Pennsylvania town called Altoona. It's nestled in the Allegheny Mountains and home to the Horseshoe Curve and some really good fried food. On a sunny June day in 2009, I picked up my life and moved to the Rocky Mountains to follow my college sweetheart. In the transition of moving, I realized I needed a way to keep my family and friends informed of the new things I was experiencing - and that is when this blog was born. 

My blog name seems fitting since a lot of my posts are about the adventures in our home-away-from-home. Our tiny house. Our 19 foot box. Our house on wheels. Our CAMPER. Believe it or not, I had never camped growing up. Unless you count the birthday party where my parents put up a tent in the front yard for me and my 8 girlfriends. We were so excited - snuggled up in sleeping bags, holding flash lights and telling ghost stories. We didn't make it to midnight before we were running inside - afraid of the dark - and falling asleep on the living room floor. With that said, my husband took me on my very first camping trip in 2007 and he's still proud. It's like a badge of honor in their family. Yet, I still couldn't start a fire to save my life. On the flip side, I do have my very own toilet in the middle of the woods. Never been camping? Like to camp? Prefer a tent? Like to sing songs around the campfire? Or none of the above? Save www.campbores.com to your favorites and travel along with us. Please note, I am the most inconsistent blogger in the entire blogosphere - don't say i didn't warn you.

As for this college sweetheart of mine, his name is Scott [aka Mr. B] and he is now my husband. We fell in love at a bar. What I really mean is, we fell in love during our days at Penn State and wed on July 5th 2012. He's thoughtful and handy, he is obsessed with the Untappd' App, his drink of choice is a good IPA or tumbler of Jameson, his favorite hobby is making videos of our travels or building something in his workshop, he has an old hat from 7th grade that he refuses to get rid of, he was born to camp and lives for adventure. Feel free to visit this old blog to read more about our love story or visit the archives for my monthly marriage recaps during our first year of wedded bliss. Start here.

That pup I mentioned is named Monty [Monty-Goose] and he's a labradude. He's 105lbs and covered in curly white hair. We adopted him when he was seven months old and have treated him as if he were a human child ever since. #spoiledbeyondbelief

As for me, I wanted to share a few things that make me smile: sleep, yoga class, a warm cup of tea, DIY projects, Ellen Degeneres, a new TV series, chai tea, instagram, vinyl shopping, phone calls to my family back east, Starbucks dates, karoke-ing to Journey's Don't Stop Believing, camping, morning snuggles with Monty, jamming out with my husband, tasting microbrews, Penn State Football, holidays and anniversaries, a good bottle of wine, my list of favorite blogs, new reads, and traveling to new places.

And a few things you might not know about me: I've never had a broken bone, I am obsessed with honey so I became a beekeeper, I consider cheese as its own food group, my sister and I look almost identical but we have different moms, I wish I had gone to school to be a dental hygienist, I worked in a nursing home for nearly a year, I love doing laundry but I hate putting it away, I play fantasy football and won the league my first year, I went to a Catholic School my entire life, I am afraid of the dark, my dream house would be on a lake, and I hope to did visit Europe before Little B's.

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