Friday, October 30, 2015

The Bores Annual Carving Party

Our immediate Bores family lives within a 60 mile radius of each other, yet we have the HARDEST time getting together. So we have to plan months in advance. This month, we planned to go to one of MY favorite pumpkin patches - Osborn Farm in Loveland - to pick pumpkins, go back to the house, sip fall-ish drinks, and have a carving party. 

Hesitantly, the family agreed to this "traditional" idea. 

So as we were getting ready on Saturday, Mr. B decided to trim his beard. Turns out he really has no idea how to use a beard trimmer and took off half of his sideburns. An emergency trip to the hair salon, made us fashionably late to the pumpkin patch. 

We met the family, grabbed a wheel barrow from the line up and started our trek to the field of picturesque pumpkins. 

We started laughing immediately, then left the wheel barrow in the middle of the field, because there were NO pumpkins to be found, except for the rotten ones. 

Of course, they blamed me for this non-sense. 

So off we went to the next best pumpkin patch. The man-made one in front of the grocery store. We loaded up a grocery cart in place of the wheel barrow and then opted for a family photo in front of the apples. By this point, I can guarantee you the family was ready to disown me. Even my husband tried to escape the photo and hide behind the lemons.

Back at the house, we laid out some newspaper, and got to complaining carving. 

My father in law refused to participate, except for the parts when he got to use tools. Have you ever tried to hammer cookie cutters into a hallow pumpkin? Or drill holes into the side of one? My mother in law had a great time entertaining us, making a mess and letting Monty eat all the pumpkin guts off the ground. [Disclaimer: This act will destroy majority of your cookie cutters.]

My brother in law could not get over the fact that I "make" Mr. B carve pumpkins every year or the fact that his pumpkin was thicker than everyone else's. Stop your bitchin!

My husband decided he was going to free hand the PSU Nittany Lion with a sharpie marker before carving. When he realized that he's not an artist, he opted for block letters instead: P S U. At least it looks good when it's dark.

My sister in law came prepared with her very own design of a horse. I think she would even admit she had fun. Laughing at her husband's carved pumpkin may have actually been the highlight of the day. Do you see the tree? No Dave, all we see is the letter D and a blob in the middle.

And I went the easy route. A face. So original.

I may not be able to convince them to participate in the Bores Annual Carving Party next year,  but at least we have some hilarious memories and photos to remember this day. In fact, I would say these may be Christmas card worthy.

Happy Halloween from the whole Bores Crew.

Dave's blob is really an owl. And Arica's horse wins, by a long shot. Maybe the Bores family really isn't talented enough to carve pumpkins.

PS. Dave's blob died earlier this week. Being the detective that is he, he plans to open an active investigation against this death. We believe it was "natural causes".

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