Thursday, September 3, 2015


I spent the first decade of my life adoring my mother, playing with barbies, building forts with my brother, playing house with Jenna, and enjoying our loud family of four under one roof. A decade that built the foundation of my life.

I spent the second decade of my life being awkward, meeting and eventually despising "step-parents", making new friendships and ruining others, fighting with my brother, admiring my sister, working with the elderly, graduating nursing school, and learning what it means to be manipulated by someone who "loves" you. A decade I am mostly ashamed of.

I spent the third decade of my life getting drunk with my future husband, graduating college, moving 1500 miles to a state I had barely visited, camping for the first time and then buying a camper of my own, grieving and accepting death, marrying the handyman of my dreams, falling in love with a dog, missing my family every single day of the year, learning how difficult it is to make friends after college, but eventually meeting some amazing people, buying two houses, traveling to places I never thought I'd visit, becoming a beekeeper, and gaining career experience at four different companies. A decade that was rich with love and made me grow. And a decade I believe, I will always treasure.

Today, I begin my 29th birthday with a loving husband in bed next to me, a snuggly dog at my feet, a loaded camper in the driveway, a breakfast waiting for me at The Pancake House, a campsite in the middle of the mountains with our name on it, and the anticipation of eating a pumpkin pie made next to a crackling campfire.

Here's to the last best year of my favorite decade - it has a lot to compete with, but I am ready to keep on growing. 

Thank you for all of the love today. I feel it and I am basking in it. And for those of you that have sent me prezzies - thank you for brightening up a rather stressful week. The UPS man and I were best friends this week:)

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  1. You are so beautiful- inside and out! What a great snapshot of your life and what has made you the amazing woman you are today! Cheers to 29 and continuing to kick ass!


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