Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three Years

How did we celebrate?: In the week leading up to our anniversary, we spent the first half exploring our new favorite part of Colorado - the southeast (including Durango, Silverton, Ouray). The second half was spent getting eaten alive by mosquitos and paddling a row boat on one of the 300+ lakes found in Grand Mesa. Refer to the camping blog archives for all of those deets!

The actual day of our anniversary, however, was spent on the couch watching the whole second season of Parenthood. To say we are addicted is an understatement. Seriously, Mr. B tells me if I keep watching, I'll get dehydrated. I am not even a mom, yet for whatever reason I cry EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE.  On certain occasions, I've even called my siblings, bawling, just to tell them how much I miss them. My brother, at the time, was eating at a Chinese buffet and ran out of the restaurant thinking I had tragic news to share. Thankfully I didn't. This show though, often makes Mr. B and I think we should have started having kids On the other hand, several episodes have made us say out loud, "we are never reproducing!" On that note, we'll keep watching. It's good birth control, depending on the episode. (Sorry Moms!)

We had absolutely no guilt in laying around that day, but did want to acknowledge our anniversary in a more special way, so we made dinner plans for the following Friday night. We started at Pour Brothers Tavern to collect a stamp on our Fort Collins Passport (#passportprogram) and then continued on to Nick's Homestyle. I was too obsessed with the lasagna and Mr. B was too busy sipping his barrel aged Manhattan, that we never took a photo of the place. I will tell you that although we heard mixed reviews about the place, we would give it a 5 star rating. They have wine on tap (!!!), they serve the most incredible baked clams (only on Fridays), and have such mouth-watering pasta options that we had a really hard time choosing. 

After dinner, we wandered our way through the experimental gardens at CSU - a gorgeous flower garden I've always admired from the road, but never stopped to sniff. There, we discovered a black petunia and now want them all over our yard, regardless of how morbid they may seem. We also found ourselves hugging a giant Campbell's soup can that was made out of steel in the 1980's and signed by Mr. Andy Warhol himself. The evening ended with an open door to the (CS)University Center of the Arts, where we wandered through, reminiscing of our college days. I would go back again tomorrow if given a time-machine opportunity. Mr. B would not.

What were the gifts?: Year three is the year of Leather, which symbolizes protection and covering.

Mr. B received a leather tool belt, engraved with Mr. B and the year. Shockingly, for as much time as he spends in his workshop, he was without a tool belt. He was pleased and has used it a handful of times since.

I received two personalized leather luggage tags. Mr. B found an artist on Etsy (I didn't even know he knew about that website!), sent her my blog and together they created a design that she engraved on the back. The back of the tag has a tee-pee, with #campbores below it. And the front has a 4 leaf clover below the area where you put your contact information. I believe the clover is her logo, however it has significance because we met (the second time) on St. Patrick's Day, which was the beginning of our love story.

What was something you learned in year three?:
Mr. B: "That I was right, your 'oil business' was a bunch of crap." Hush your mouth, Mr. B. I still love the oils, I just wasn't very good at selling them :)
Kylie: "That redoing a basement is messy and time consuming. That a new house is expensive and will take years to turn it into the space we envision."

What was the most memorable moment of year three?: I asked Mr. B this question over dinner that Friday evening and without a moment's hesitation he said, "Switzerland!" For me, it's a tie between moving to Fort Collins and our entire #boresbackpackeurope trip. How do you choose just one?!!

What are you looking forward to in year 4?: 
Mr. B: Traveling somewhere cool, like Iceland or South America. (I replied, "with whose money?")
Kylie: Redoing our office is what I said on the day of our anniversary. Although as of August 31st, I am most looking forward to getting a job! ha.

Thank you, Mr. B for choosing to protect (and snuggle) me. I heart you.

On to all of the excitement and joy year four has to offer.

Year 1 | Year 2

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