Thursday, July 2, 2015

Camp Bores: Welcome to Grand Mesa

No service here, so I'm writing this in my "notes app" on my phone. 

If you can't find me over the next few days it's because I'm dying from West Nile. 

We arrived at our campground in Grand Mesa around 5:30PM on Wednesday and were greeted by hundreds of thousands of Mosquitos. This is when I wish I were like my mother who's never itched her skin raw, because she has no idea what it's like to be bitten. Instead they attack me through three layers of clothes. 

Our reserved site was right near the lake, so when Peggy, our camp host, came to say hello I asked if there were any other available sites, hoping it was the water that was attracting the blood sucking insects. She offered us two other options to chose from, so we moved to a more wooded location. It's not lake front and it has the same amount of Mosquitos. #fmylife

So we drenched ourselves in Deet and set up camp. 

It didn't take long before MrB was swearing. When I yelled, "what's wrong", I thought he was going to bitch about the mosquitos. Instead, he said "we're out of propane." No big deal except for the fact that our fridge runs off propane when we don't have electric hook-ups (here, we don't). After learning the nearest place for propane was 15 miles away (we're in the middle of no where) and closed for the night, he decided to buy two giant bags of ice and turn our fridge into a cooler. In addition, I got strict orders to only open if absolutely necessary. Thanks dear, I'd rather my bacon not spoil than crack another beer. #truestory

We started a fire, lit lanterns and citronella candles and yet these bugs are relentless. As I stand near a hot campfire dressed in a raincoat, leggings, and hat when it's mid-70s, I'm trying to find the best way to get the hell out of dodge tomorrow.

Until then, I'll be bathing in Deet and more than likely sitting inside, pouting. #reallife #dramatic 


While I was sitting inside, Monty decided to take off running through the campground. All dogs must be leashed so we got yelled at. We chased him for about 15 minutes, past aggressive dogs, next to fishermen, and through more mosquito swarms. Finally, he went right to the camp host who caught him for us. What a nice welcome it's been here.

Ps. You may be wondering how the others are surviving here. Well the camp hosts live under a mosquito tent! Guess what I am asking Santa for this year?

Ps2. One piece of good news. Friends of the camp hosts have a goldendoodle that looks identical to Monty, just 25lbs smaller. I plan to have a photo session later. :)

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