Thursday, July 2, 2015

Camp Bores: Grand Mesa Exploration

After nearly 7 hours in the car yesterday we finally pulled up to our house around 8pm. A day earlier than planned. It was for no other reason than we were ready to come home. The mosquitoes were unenjoyable and the appeal of having two days at home before going back to work outweighed the idea of another hike.

So here's the final post of our week long trip - sharing our last two days in the woods.

Where did I leave off? Oh Mosquitos and no propane. Thursday morning we woke up early, drove 15 miles to town and found the most darling store. The woman behind the counter served us coffee to sip while she filled our propane tanks! I also searched the store for mosquito nets, but came up empty. 

After getting our camp fridge to keep our beer and meat cold again, we escaped the Mosquitos to explore the Grand Mesa - one of the world's largest flat top mountains! We hiked a small loop to Land O Lakes which is an amazing overlook of the many (300+) lakes on the Mesa. Or as my friend put it, "The place where the butter comes from!" 

Then, MrB found more dirt roads to explore. #whatelseisnew 

So off we went to Land's End. The pictures just don't do it justice, they never do, but it really truly felt like the end of the land. You could see forever. Scott enjoyed feeding the 100's of chipmunks that live there and Monty enjoyed being suicidal and nearly jumping over the ledge to eat one. 

Our dirt road adventure continued until I got hangry and made my husband stop for a picnic lunch. It was far from romantic considering the flies and grasshoppers were attacking me and the dog.

You can see the entrance to our campground below. I never denied how gorgeous it was, I just didn't like the insects that lived there. Behind the campground was another lake that Monty went swimming in. He was filthy, but found his way to "Truby" on his way back to camp. After letting them run wild for a few minutes, we braved our campsite, drank some wine and sat around the fire. I think this is the part where Mr.B would like me to be clear - the mosquitos didn't bother him nearly as much as they bothered me. However, he has more mosquito bites on his legs than I do. And I stopped counting at 20. He's way more tolerant than I am. 

This dog has a special relationship with Mr. B when we camp. Makes me jealous, but Scott IS the more adventurous of the two of us, so it's no wonder Monty loves getting dirty with "dad". All I do is walk and feed him! #boringmom

Before packing up camp and heading home we decided to rent a Row Boat and venture out on one of the lakes. I asked Mr.B what a row boat was and his reply, "It's the same boat Noah took Ali out on when he showed her the swans in the Notebook." Sold! Buy me one pronto. 

We stuck Monty in the back and held on tight. Shockingly we didn't tip but had a few good scares everytime the dog tried to stick his paws and tongue out of the boat. 

All I was missing were the swans and Ryan Gosling...

That's a wrap, friends. We have several weekend-long trips planned for the remainder of the summer, but our weeklong trip has come to an end. I'm already on my second load of laundry and have about 7 more to go. We have a dirty camper to clean and mice to catch in the basement. #thathappened 

Welcome home! 

Ps. We finished the Serial podcast on our way home. Talk about intriguing, yet so beyond frustrating. I needed a better ending, not a "create your own theory" bullshit. However my key takeaways are:
1. This proved how corrupt our justice system is. Why is Jay not in jail?! Why the heck did they not test DNA?! The bond hearing was laughable. 
2. I think I wasted 12 hours of my life.

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