Saturday, June 27, 2015

Camp Bores: Pagosa Springs

Mr.B was up and making coffee before 6am this morning. The thing about him is, he is always looking for the next thing to do. I'm often telling him to enjoy the moment. Same as any other trip, he was ready to get moving and get to the next place.

While he enjoyed his morning brew outside, I laid in bed until 7:30 drinking tea and snuggling my other boy, Monty.

Shortly after 9, we started our trek to Durango, stopping along the way to sightsee a bit. 

Any time I picked up my phone Mr. B would immediately say, "I can't believe you aren't looking out the window! Look at everything you're missing." I agree, dont get me wrong, but I can only look out the window for so long before I'm bored. And he knows it. #horribleroadtripper

After nearly killing "Big Red" (aka the truck) by going a solid 31mph over Wolf Creek pass, we stopped for a quick hike at Treasure Fall. You can see it from the road, but we wanted a close up. Not to mention, the dog and I needed out of that damn truck! 

After Monty put up a fight getting back in the truck, we continued on to Pagosa Springs, where we soaked in 106 degree mineral springs and drank Stella's. Nothing like jumping in a hot pool when it's 88 degrees outside. Nonetheless, they were amazing. We've been to several hot springs in Colorado, but this was one of our favs. They have 22 pools, access to the river, and a bar - important things in life. They even had little tiki umbrellas, like the beach, but different. #landlocked

Our time in Pagosa Springs was short, but before we left we grabbed a quick beer and lunch at Riff Raff Brewery! 

We made it to Junction Creek campground (loop E, site 3) in Durango just before a hail storm made its way overhead. There's nothing I hate more than rain when we camp. It can rain all night when I sleep, but not when I arrive. So I've been in a mood since.

Although, as we started prepping camp mac n cheese for dinner, the sun finally peeked through the trees - that I was lovin'! Even if my tablecloth is soaked and the dog is muddy. Welcome to #campbores


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