Monday, June 29, 2015

Camp Bores: Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway

Our morning was spent campside. We laid around, made amazing banana pancakes, swung in the hammock and showered outside. I must admit, that was a first for me. I even hoisted my leg on the back of the camper and shaved my legs. Such a lady! #atleastimclean

After our low key morning, we headed into the city to catch a ride on the famous Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway. It was initially built in 1881 and is still running a steam locomotive in 2015 - that's all part of the appeal. Not to mention, it takes you to places that are non-accessible by car. 

When booking our tickets we decided to take the wine tasting train - cause why not - that stopped in the Cascade Canyon for food, music and more wine. 

We sat in the open car which meant you could attach your go-pro to the rails, get covered in soot throughout the journey (bad idea to wear white pants), and moon the locals playing in the river. Yep, that happened. While on our trek up the mountain, Animas River friends mooned the train, so a whole (tipsy) crew of us mooned them back on our way back down. The conductor told us that was the first time he had ever seen the train return the "bare cheek tradition". #animASS

We had two hours in the Cascade where they served us a ton of appetizers and a full glasses of wine. We roamed the river side, met winery owners, explored the original train cars, and met the engineer who was from good ole Indiana PA! One train whistle for PA.

They served us brownies and encouraged more wine samples on the way back. So my advice to you if you plan on riding the train in your future - take the one with booze!  

That 4 hour round trip train ride wore us out or maybe it was all the bottles of wine. Regardless, we were in bed by dusk and were totally okay with that.

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