Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Honey Lovers


If you are curious in SEEING the growth stages of a honey bee, you won't want to miss this. What this guy was able to capture, is incredible. Click to read more.

This graph gives you a little more detail on the stages of growth for a worker bee and the rate at which they grow. From experience, the eggs look like a tiny spec of rice and can be very challenging to see, especially as the comb darkens through the years. Majority of my time at the hive is actually spent looking for eggs, because that is (usually) a sure way to know that the queen is in the hive and laying. The young and grown larva are much easier to spot. And of course in the final two stages, the cells are capped. Both Mr. B and I, and even my brother, have been able to witness a brand new baby bee breaking through the capped cell and enter the world. #joysofbeingabeek


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