Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sliver of Life: Sibling Winter

My brother left this morning at 8AM to begin his cross country drive back to Pennsylvania and I've had absolutely no composure since the moment my alarm went off this morning. Mr. B rolled over, wrapped his arm around me and said, "Are you okay? Did you get any sleep?" And that's when the flood gates started. After watching the tears fall in my bathroom sink, I grabbed some tissues and barged into the guest room my brothers room and said, "Do you really have to leave?" He said with a giant smile on his face, "Yes! And don't be sad, kid!"

With my brother, there is no such thing as "misery loves company." In fact, he doesn't have patience for it. If someone is sad, he simply wants them to be happy. He considers it a mindset and I suppose that's a good quality to have. Unfortunately, today, I was too sad to be happy and he was too happy to be sad. Although, dreading his drive, today was the day he'd been looking forward to since the day he arrived in Colorado: the day he moved back home. He loved Fort Collins and loved us, but knew his heart was in Pennsylvania. #jerk

He initially moved half way across the country (in December) with a girl and planned to spend the winter in the Rockies: working a seasonal job for a ski resort, learning to snowboard, and soaking in some real mountain living. What really happened is he and his girlfriend broke up in a matter of days, he started sleeping in his car on the days he worked, and moved into our house on his days off.

We spent nearly 3 days a week together. While I worked, he would make me breakfast, mess up my kitchen, wrestle with Monty, listen to vinyl, watch trashy television (Party Down South), make the guestroom a true disaster, take long walks in the afternoon, drink whiskey in the evening, encourage bad habits with my husband, and fall asleep on the couch while watching the Voice.

So much of this winter with my brother was spent in a routine. We had so many ideas when he arrived, and honestly didn't do any of them. His days off were at the start of our work week, which made it hard to even make plans. To make matters worse, when the sun set before 6PM, none of us wanted to leave the house. So we vegged out a lot. We told stories. We shared funny experiences. We did yoga. The boys ganged up on me a lot - mostly to do with my cooking. And I judged them for their lack of cleanliness. In reality, it was the same kind of household dynamic that it was when we were growing up, it was just a little more grown up.  We talked bills, and budgets, and responsibilities - all things that we didn't do as kids. But we still fought, teased, and laughed, just as we did when we lived with our parents.

My brother is scheduled to arrive back on the east coast at some point tomorrow. He is anxious to hug our mom, toast beers with his buddies, meet up with a lady pen pal, golf with our sister, and put his helmet on for the first raft guide trip of the season. And I will still be here, watching Monty stare out the window, waiting for "Unc" Chad to come back.

I really wanted to twist his arm and make him stay, but his excitement about going home made me smile. At least he knows where he wants to be and that's nothing to be sad about.

While reading a blog post today from one of my favorite bloggers, there was a quote I read that struck me. She said, "The way you love where you live (both in terms of geologic place as well as figuratively, this "place" in your life) has so inspired me to appreciate where I live and this sliver of life."

I am so thankful for this sliver of life that I was able to share with my brother. As he goes back to the place he loves to live, and I continue to live in the place I love, we'll settle into new routines for this next sliver of life.

I love you brother and I can't wait for our next breakfast together! Safe travels and visit soon.

Some memories from this winter:

Arrival to Colorado
Beers after applying for a new SS card
Thrifting Fun
Breakfast Feast
"Holiday Nuts"
Work Uniform
Christmas in Colorado
Afternoon walks.
Ray Bans for the Eric Church Concert
The kid hard at work, while we ski
Beers and Yahtzee
Celebrating 303 = Colorado Pride Day
Garth Brooks Concert PreGame
Garth Brooks Concert
Beermosas with Seany
Soccer with Monty
Snuggles with Monty
Baseball Addict
Hiding me behind the pitchers cage
Coloring Easter Eggs
One of the only photos of the three of us

"Buckwheat" and "Unc"

Cheers to his last day in Colorado
Colorado Souvenir 
He's leaving the B's

Donuts and chocolate milk before hitting the road

After going through endless folders of "iPhone Dumps" I realized we maybe did more than I thought. It may not have been snowshoeing around a lake or skiing down mountains, but treasured memories, nonetheless.

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  1. This post makes me miss my Brother! I'm so anxious to be living back in the same state as him and his wife & baby. :) Truly, nothing like your roots! You two seem to have a great relationship.


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