Sunday, December 21, 2014

Smore Beer

Bad quality photos, but great fun. Since moving to Fort Collins, I have started following Southeast Fort Collins on Facebook. As much as we may complain about social media, it really is good for some things. For instance, inviting you to an evening at Budweiser's Biergarten with smores and the Clydedales. Sign me up.

So off we went with Sam and Julie. Thankfully, they remembered to bring non-perishable item(s) - enough to cover the forgetful Bores family - to donate to the food bank. In return, they gave you a goodie bag full of all the s'more supplies.

We ordered a beer and headed in the stable to find Archie and a few of his friends. While other half of the Clydesdale crew|pack|team|whatever they're called were off filming the Super Bowl Commercial, we got to spend one-on-one time with these giant-precious-beautiful-animals. They travel majority of the year, but get catered to from morning until night. They are better groomed than Mr. B and probably better smelling too.

Isn't the decorated carriage so gorgeous? I really could have spent all night in there. Did you know that when all of the horses are hitched, the reins weigh over 70lbs? That's quite a work out for the coachman!

Nonetheless, after a few photos and lesson on the lives of those famous animals, we were off to toast our marshmallows.

It was a lovely little evening full of Christmas spirit, beer, food and friends. Those are my favorite kind of days.

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