Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Monty Monday

My brother spent the last 28 hours in his car, driving from central Pennsylvania to northern Colorado. I wish his time here were to spend it with us, but instead he's here to spend the winter working in the Rockies. All this means is I am one step close to getting my family in the West! And really it's probably better that he isn't moving in with me, because I am sure a week into his messy habits, I would be sending him back to PA.

Before he begins training, he is spending the night at the Bores Quarters with me and Monty G. To say Monty is obsessed with his Uncle would be an understatement. He was immediately tugging on his jacket the second Chad walked in the door, giving him unstuffed toys to play with, and following his every move.

Chad keeps saying on repeat, "I am so glad I am not driving right now."

He's off to get a good nights rest, with Monty at his feet, I am sure. 

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