Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Bark

Only cool couples dress alike
I left Monty out last night before bed. It was approximately 10PM. Mr. B was already snuggled in bed when the dog started barking. Not the let-me-in-kind-of-bark, but rather the someone-is-breaking-into-your-house-kind-of-bark. I opened the door and yelled for him to stop. At the same time my husband is yelling from the top of the stairs, "Get the dog inside, he's barking." #noshit

Turns out a cat was scaling the neighbors tree and tormenting Monty while he hung from the branches. One thing Monty loves more than rabbits, is cats. When I say love, I mean, "would love to wrestle" with one.

Needless to say Monty was running circles around me as I was chasing him in my bare feet. The ground was cold and it didn't take long for a tree branch to stab the arch of my foot. The splinter it gave me was enough to have me running inside and yelling for Mr. B to come get his dog. Similar to a child, Monty is only "his" when he's being bad.

I could only imagine the neighbors, who had just gotten their kids tucked into bed and settled from the excitement of Santa. Who were now pouring a cup of decaf coffee, wrapping a few last minute presents and taking a couple bites from the "cookies for Santa" plate. And suddenly our dog ruins the moment and the kids are wide awake, asking if it's morning. We can only hope that they came up with some clever excuse that Monty was barking at Santa's reindeer and then sent them back to bed.

After we finally settled down, I checked Santa's route on Norad. He was just leaving Peoria, Illinois and over 5 billion packages had been delivered.  He was well on his way to Colorado to make a quick stop at the Bores Quarters.
We, I mean I, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus as I laid him in the manger this morning - a favorite childhood tradition of mine.

What did I get? A fitbit - a sign that I need to exercise more. In fact, I told my brother about it and he said, "Oh so what will that track? How many times you walk around the house in your bathrobe!" A new hand mixer - a sign that I need to cook more. And a pocket knife - a sign that I am now bad ass and can cut things, ya know like underwear that are too tight.

What did Mr. B get? A new suitcase - so he doesn't have to borrow mine anymore. A glidecam - so he has even more excuses to capture things on video. And a Penn State bottle opener for his new workshop - so he has more reasons to drink.

We are beyond blessed this year and are off to kick our in-laws butts in a few rounds of bowling. Hopefully, by the time we leave the lanes, we'll have some snow on the ground. #imdreamingofawhitechristmas

Merry day to each of you, and your families, and your friends, and all of those you love.

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  1. I'm a bad ass that can cut things, like underwear that are too tight <~ hahaha LOVE


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