Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Montys Birthday

When it's your birthday, you call the shots. Well so does Monty, and he chose not to wear his hat. #itried

In honor of Monty Monday, we have a special post this week. Monty Gose turned 5 yesterday. Five! I totally understand when parents say, "Where has the time gone? How is my child in high school already."  It seems like we adopted Monty last year. Yet, somehow it's been 4.5 years. 

Mr. B feels Monty is getting old. I beg to differ and think he still has the same spunk he did the day we brought him home. He loves to scratch our new-to-us-hardwood-floors by running across them, he still prances when he carries his blanket up and down the stairs, and he's even gotten to know half the neighborhood by running loose a time or two. Thank God for strangers that aren't afraid to get out of their car or sprint after my dog, when my legs can't handle chasing him any longer. Yes, that just happened. #baddog

We didn't get to celebrate as normal, due to some unfortunate family circumstances, but we do plan on letting him nose dive into his birthday cake this weekend. The special made-for-a-dog kind. 

In the mean time, we decided to use our newly purchased Costco membership to buy Monty a really big teddy bear. The dog loves stuffed toys, so we thought we'd take it to the next level. Hope he doesn't always expect toys that are Monty-size. 

Happy 5th birthday Monty G.

We hope this year includes more lakes to swim in, more toys to tear apart, more treats to eat, more trails to hike, more friends to meet, and more life size toys to snuggle.

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