Monday, October 20, 2014

Monty Monday

Monty and I played in the leaves this weekend. It was a gorgeous fall day and while standing around outside, I decided to get the rake. We have hundreds of leaves lying on the ground in our backyard, so I "rakicked" (combination of raked and kicked) them into one giant pile, just like my parents did when we were young. It wasn't the big red maple leaves like I remember, but there were a lot of crunchy yellow dead ones.

I think Monty likes fall as much as his crazy human mother. As I tossed leaves in the air, he tried to eat them. #rawr

It makes my heart so happy that I have someone to romp around and act like a child with. I can only imagine how full my heart will be when I can throw our Bores Babies into a pile of fresh Colorado leaves. No, not yet mom(s). Monty, will do for now!

Thankfully, the Bores Quarters has a few good trees outback - ones that produce more falling leaves than Mr. B would prefer to rake. I see a lot of amazing fall memories made in our back yard.

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