Friday, October 3, 2014

Grandma Bores

My husband lost his grandma yesterday morning.

When someone passes every photo you have of them becomes special, regardless if it's good or bad.  For me, when I received the sad news, I immediately start going through old photos in search of all the memories we had captured with Grandma Bores. I happened to find these cherished photos from our wedding. They weren't the professional photos, but were the silly ones we took in the photo booth. I don't remember specifically, but imagine we had to beg her to go behind the curtain with us. Either way, I am so glad we did.

I asked Mr. B what he remembered most about her and the first thing he blurted out was, "Her microwave and the special raised buttons she had so that she could still see /feel them." You see, Grandma Bores was nearly blind, but that never stopped her from being in the kitchen.

Although I laughed that the microwave was the first thing that came to his mind, her potato salad was the first thing that came to mine. The very first time I met Grandma Bores was in 2008. Mr. B and I had just started dating and he invited me to the middle of Wisconsin for his cousins wedding. You know a relationship is serious when you meet the entire family at one time. Fortunately, I got to meet them under happy circumstances. My sister-in-law didn't get so lucky, and met them all during unhappier times (a funeral). Sorry, Arica!

At the time, Grandma Bores was still living in the original homestead where she raised her 6 children. I remember the long driveway, the pictures hanging in the hallway, and the kitchen as the gathering place. Why the kitchen? Because that's where her good cookin' was. Mr. B said, he remembers her making everything from scratch, including her cocktail sauce. In addition, to her home-made goodness, she always had cheese. I mean it is Wisconsin we're talking about, where it's totally normal to wear a cheese head around town. Turns out, she had made her living working at a cheese shop called Figi's and even years after she retired, the family still got her discount!

Not only did she love being in the kitchen, she loved playing cards just as much. My in-laws drove back to Wisconsin several times a year and every time we asked about their visit, their reply always included the card games they played.

Grandma Bores was a special woman, whom I will remember for her gorgeous white hair, her potato salad and playing cards. She'll be missed.

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