Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Camping

We slept in the camper for the last time this year. It has officially been winterized, cleaned and stored for the winter. It's always a sad time of year for Mr. B, and shockingly, this year, I felt the same. Mr. B makes sure camping is a big part of our life. Sometimes I complain, but most times I'm happy once we're there. It's the packing, prepping and cleaning out afterwards that I dread.

Due to our busy summer - ya know that whole moving thing - we did most of our trips early in the season. However, it's Fall camping that's our favorite. The temperatures are cooling off. The leaves are changing. Campgrounds are less crowded. Flannel jammies are required. Warm apple cider is appropriate. And it's the only time of year that I enjoy hiking.

Despite our chaotic lives this season, we scheduled a trip to Hermit Park - one of our favorite-close-to-home campgrounds. Our friends Sam and Julie came along, with their new pup, Bukka, in tow. We finally stayed in the site we'd been eyeing for two years. It was worth the wait - the view was gorgeous, it was private, and the pups had a lot of room to roam.

We ate really amazing food. It's shocking how well we eat when we camp. From the first camping trip Mr. B took me on, he has said, "When you camp with me, you eat like a king." That statement has remained all these years. And thanks to our new camping buddies, we enjoyed some new goodies. From home-made banana bread to fresh elk sausage straight from the butcher shop, we literally ate constantly. Bukka wanted to do the same. Fortunately, we each got ONE piece of banana bread and then he ate the rest. #baddog

After stuffing our faces with s'mores by night, we hiked on crunchy leaves by day. Leafing is one of my favorite things and last year we missed our opportunity. I wasn't going to let that happen for the second year in a row. We were hoping to wear flannels and maybe a cozy scarf, but the sun was shining bright, which meant, we were hot. Sam was wearing a "sweat backpack" and Monty literally laid down in the middle of the hike - he was done. It wasn't your typical fall day in the mountains, but it didn't stop us from taking in the scenery.

Our weekend in photos | #campbores

Until next year, we'll set up forts in our living room and roast marshmallows over the stove. Come January, I am sure Mr. B will be begging me to set up a tent in the backyard. Sun or snow, nothing stops my husband from camping.

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