Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bores Backpack Europe: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

During one of the rainy days in Wengen, we took the advice of the hotel clerk and rode the train down the mountain side to Lauterbrunnen. Going up the mountain to Jungfrau wasn't an option due to weather, so down we went.

The train station is only steps away from "main street" Lauterbrunnen and within minutes I was saying, "I wish we had stayed here instead of Wengen." Mr. B was close to slapping me, yet understood where I was coming from. It just felt...Swiss. See below and you'll understand too. The flowers, the flags, the shutters, the valley and well, the scenery in general.

And this, well isn't it the most incredible cemetery you've ever seen? I swear between the two of us, we took 25 photos of it. To some, it may seem eerie or disrespectful, but to me, it brought so much peace. The people laid to rest below the headstones have been honored in such a beautiful way. 

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is often referred to as the Valley of 72 Waterfalls and the first one you see is called Staubbach Fall. You can see it from the main street, you can see it from the train, in fact, you can even see it from Wengen. It falls 1000 feet off the cliff side and we got to walk hike behind it. They had a trail and staircase leading behind the fall, so I immediately thought, "This should be easy!" Think again. I should have realized when I saw the bucket of "to borrow" hiking sticks that it wasn't going to be as easy as it looked. While I stopped to catch my breath 19 times, Mr. B captured some amazing photos. 

The view of the valley from the waterfall stairs is exactly how I imagined Switzerland. Green, rolling hills, charming little houses, and the Alps. Do you see the tiny little town in the top left - hiding behind those clouds? That is Wengen.

The flowers. Well let's just say the Swiss really know how to garden. Heck, they must all be born with green thumbs. All of them. From the flower boxes attached to houses to the flower beds out front, every house and piece of property is just beaming with color.

The hike through the Lauterbrunnen valley was super easy (aside from the waterfall trek). The trail was essentially a narrow road lined with several waterfalls. The coolest of all being Trummelbachfalle. Although touristy, the experience was pretty awesome.

The waterfalls are found INSIDE of a mountain. I had no idea what to expect and usually that's when I am most impressed. Number one, I thought we could just walk right to them. Wrong, we had to stop and pay a fee to have access. I thought they were going to be a short hike in. Wrong, we had to ride an underground lift, then proceed to walk the man-made steps inside the mountain. It's really the hardest thing to explain, but trust me, it was awesome. I think the words, "This is insane" came out of my mouth more than once. Imagine caves, but instead of stalagmites, the caves holds waterfalls gushing 20,000 liters per second. I can barely comprehend that. Yet, I am thankful I have google to inform me of these things, because I certainly couldn't read the German signs directing me along the way. All I knew was that it was a shit ton of water!

Due to lighting, or lack there of, it was extremely difficult to photograph. Even for my talented husband who tried so hard to capture pieces of it on video. So this is all we have to share!

Afterwards, we stopped for a short snack at the "cafeteria" - don't you wish all cafeteria's looked this charming? And because their was a break in the clouds, we sat outside and enjoyed a Bratzel - a combination of a baguette and pretzel - and a beer!

We took our time on our hike back to downtown Lauterbrunnen. We stopped a lot to take in the scenery and watch crazy people jump off the side of cliffs in wing suits. Let me tell you, they sound like a plane crashing to the ground when they jump. It's loud and scary and just when you think they're going to fall to their death, their chute comes out and they land on their feet. It's intense and right up Mr. B's alley. Unfortunately fortunately, he didn't partake in the excursion, because his live-in-fear-wife was totally uninterested. In all fairness, I encouraged him to do it without me. I mean you are only in Switzerland once. But he declined. And I didn't beg.

Hikes always ended with food and booze. And how could you pass up this cozy patio with sheepskin on the benches? Not me, that's for sure. I was happy with the atmosphere, but Mr. B was even happier with their menu. Coffee, baileys and a scoop of gelato or Champagne with scoop of raspberry gelato. Sign us up. It was the best $40 we've ever spent. #toldyaitwasexpensive

Back to Wengen we went, but Lauterbrunnen sure was a great stop. In fact, it was one of my favorites cities on our travels through Switzerland and one I would highly recommend.

Are you still with me on this #boresbackpackeurope journey? I have two more cities in Switzerland to blog about and then we're off to Ireland. Thank you for being patient with me, readers.


  1. LOVE Switzerland, and I totally understand how expensive it was, I feel like you sorta just become numb at one point trying to "save" or find somewhere "cheaper.....Geeez I miss it!

  2. We took tripadvisors feedback and stayed here in Lauterbrunnen in May 2014. Frankly this was the swiss which i had always imagined. We stay in hotel for 4 nights. some of the best days of our europe tour. scenary was mind blowing. May was perfect. No too cold, and we went one day to jungfrau and one day to lucerne from here. one day was interlaken, wengen but we wanted to come back as soon as possible here.
    try they have a place in lauterbrunnen or highly recommend hotel staubach.
    contiki camps here so there is a camp site as well few minutes after staubach hotel.

    there is a coop super market. you can see beautiful scenarios , churches, sound of the church bell, bell tied on cows and their constant chirping.
    skip interlaken or dont go to grindelwald etc for your stay, choose lauterbrunnen

    20 minutes from interlaken, and in the middle of the valley


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