Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monty Someday

Before my cousin Seany left for the airport today, I requested a quick picture. One of him and Monty for my weekly Monty post. He knelt down and called Monty to come sit beside him. Just as I was about to get Monty's attention to look towards the camera, he slapped a big wet kiss on Seany's cheek. And of course, I had to capture it. I took a really good picture immediately following this one, but I thought this one described their relationship perfectly. 

Monty annoying Sean and Sean loving him back. Kind of. I think Sean could do without the kisses. 

In my famous Monty voice, "Please come back Seany. We already miss you."

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monty Monday

Monty and I played in the leaves this weekend. It was a gorgeous fall day and while standing around outside, I decided to get the rake. We have hundreds of leaves lying on the ground in our backyard, so I "rakicked" (combination of raked and kicked) them into one giant pile, just like my parents did when we were young. It wasn't the big red maple leaves like I remember, but there were a lot of crunchy yellow dead ones.

I think Monty likes fall as much as his crazy human mother. As I tossed leaves in the air, he tried to eat them. #rawr

It makes my heart so happy that I have someone to romp around and act like a child with. I can only imagine how full my heart will be when I can throw our Bores Babies into a pile of fresh Colorado leaves. No, not yet mom(s). Monty, will do for now!

Thankfully, the Bores Quarters has a few good trees outback - ones that produce more falling leaves than Mr. B would prefer to rake. I see a lot of amazing fall memories made in our back yard.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Marriage Thoughts

After two years of marriage, we've resorted to two tubes of toothpaste - one for each of us. Mr. B could no longer deal with the way I squeeze it. I squeeze from the middle and he squeezes from the back. It's a serious problem, according to my husband. 

Moral of the story: When you're having minor marital issues, fix them. It could be a $5 purchase that reduces early morning whining and complaining. 

So which way do you squeeze your toothpaste tube? Is there a right way? 

Of course. My way. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monty Someday

Birthday Celebrations Continue
Thank you so very much for the prayers you said for our big boy. He had a cyst removed from his head two weeks ago and finally had the stitches taken out yesterday. Aside from being lethargic the day of surgery, he bounced back to his normal self the following day. And believe it or not, the stitches didn't seem to phase him so we never had to put the "cone of shame" around his neck.

The lab diagnosis came back with a fancy name called hemangioma. They believe it was sun induced, but can't be 100% sure. The vet hoped he wasn't overreacting when he chose to surgically remove it, but turns out, all of us were glad he did. Had we left the cyst alone, it could have become malignant over time. He's at high risk for these lesions, so we'll have to check over his skin from time to time and have any future cysts removed.

In the meantime, I suppose ill be purchasing some type of doggy sunscreen. Does that exist? #overprotectivedogmom

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Camping

We slept in the camper for the last time this year. It has officially been winterized, cleaned and stored for the winter. It's always a sad time of year for Mr. B, and shockingly, this year, I felt the same. Mr. B makes sure camping is a big part of our life. Sometimes I complain, but most times I'm happy once we're there. It's the packing, prepping and cleaning out afterwards that I dread.

Due to our busy summer - ya know that whole moving thing - we did most of our trips early in the season. However, it's Fall camping that's our favorite. The temperatures are cooling off. The leaves are changing. Campgrounds are less crowded. Flannel jammies are required. Warm apple cider is appropriate. And it's the only time of year that I enjoy hiking.

Despite our chaotic lives this season, we scheduled a trip to Hermit Park - one of our favorite-close-to-home campgrounds. Our friends Sam and Julie came along, with their new pup, Bukka, in tow. We finally stayed in the site we'd been eyeing for two years. It was worth the wait - the view was gorgeous, it was private, and the pups had a lot of room to roam.

We ate really amazing food. It's shocking how well we eat when we camp. From the first camping trip Mr. B took me on, he has said, "When you camp with me, you eat like a king." That statement has remained all these years. And thanks to our new camping buddies, we enjoyed some new goodies. From home-made banana bread to fresh elk sausage straight from the butcher shop, we literally ate constantly. Bukka wanted to do the same. Fortunately, we each got ONE piece of banana bread and then he ate the rest. #baddog

After stuffing our faces with s'mores by night, we hiked on crunchy leaves by day. Leafing is one of my favorite things and last year we missed our opportunity. I wasn't going to let that happen for the second year in a row. We were hoping to wear flannels and maybe a cozy scarf, but the sun was shining bright, which meant, we were hot. Sam was wearing a "sweat backpack" and Monty literally laid down in the middle of the hike - he was done. It wasn't your typical fall day in the mountains, but it didn't stop us from taking in the scenery.

Our weekend in photos | #campbores

Until next year, we'll set up forts in our living room and roast marshmallows over the stove. Come January, I am sure Mr. B will be begging me to set up a tent in the backyard. Sun or snow, nothing stops my husband from camping.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Montys Birthday

When it's your birthday, you call the shots. Well so does Monty, and he chose not to wear his hat. #itried

In honor of Monty Monday, we have a special post this week. Monty Gose turned 5 yesterday. Five! I totally understand when parents say, "Where has the time gone? How is my child in high school already."  It seems like we adopted Monty last year. Yet, somehow it's been 4.5 years. 

Mr. B feels Monty is getting old. I beg to differ and think he still has the same spunk he did the day we brought him home. He loves to scratch our new-to-us-hardwood-floors by running across them, he still prances when he carries his blanket up and down the stairs, and he's even gotten to know half the neighborhood by running loose a time or two. Thank God for strangers that aren't afraid to get out of their car or sprint after my dog, when my legs can't handle chasing him any longer. Yes, that just happened. #baddog

We didn't get to celebrate as normal, due to some unfortunate family circumstances, but we do plan on letting him nose dive into his birthday cake this weekend. The special made-for-a-dog kind. 

In the mean time, we decided to use our newly purchased Costco membership to buy Monty a really big teddy bear. The dog loves stuffed toys, so we thought we'd take it to the next level. Hope he doesn't always expect toys that are Monty-size. 

Happy 5th birthday Monty G.

We hope this year includes more lakes to swim in, more toys to tear apart, more treats to eat, more trails to hike, more friends to meet, and more life size toys to snuggle.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Grandma Bores

My husband lost his grandma yesterday morning.

When someone passes every photo you have of them becomes special, regardless if it's good or bad.  For me, when I received the sad news, I immediately start going through old photos in search of all the memories we had captured with Grandma Bores. I happened to find these cherished photos from our wedding. They weren't the professional photos, but were the silly ones we took in the photo booth. I don't remember specifically, but imagine we had to beg her to go behind the curtain with us. Either way, I am so glad we did.

I asked Mr. B what he remembered most about her and the first thing he blurted out was, "Her microwave and the special raised buttons she had so that she could still see /feel them." You see, Grandma Bores was nearly blind, but that never stopped her from being in the kitchen.

Although I laughed that the microwave was the first thing that came to his mind, her potato salad was the first thing that came to mine. The very first time I met Grandma Bores was in 2008. Mr. B and I had just started dating and he invited me to the middle of Wisconsin for his cousins wedding. You know a relationship is serious when you meet the entire family at one time. Fortunately, I got to meet them under happy circumstances. My sister-in-law didn't get so lucky, and met them all during unhappier times (a funeral). Sorry, Arica!

At the time, Grandma Bores was still living in the original homestead where she raised her 6 children. I remember the long driveway, the pictures hanging in the hallway, and the kitchen as the gathering place. Why the kitchen? Because that's where her good cookin' was. Mr. B said, he remembers her making everything from scratch, including her cocktail sauce. In addition, to her home-made goodness, she always had cheese. I mean it is Wisconsin we're talking about, where it's totally normal to wear a cheese head around town. Turns out, she had made her living working at a cheese shop called Figi's and even years after she retired, the family still got her discount!

Not only did she love being in the kitchen, she loved playing cards just as much. My in-laws drove back to Wisconsin several times a year and every time we asked about their visit, their reply always included the card games they played.

Grandma Bores was a special woman, whom I will remember for her gorgeous white hair, her potato salad and playing cards. She'll be missed.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bores Backpack Europe: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

During one of the rainy days in Wengen, we took the advice of the hotel clerk and rode the train down the mountain side to Lauterbrunnen. Going up the mountain to Jungfrau wasn't an option due to weather, so down we went.

The train station is only steps away from "main street" Lauterbrunnen and within minutes I was saying, "I wish we had stayed here instead of Wengen." Mr. B was close to slapping me, yet understood where I was coming from. It just felt...Swiss. See below and you'll understand too. The flowers, the flags, the shutters, the valley and well, the scenery in general.

And this, well isn't it the most incredible cemetery you've ever seen? I swear between the two of us, we took 25 photos of it. To some, it may seem eerie or disrespectful, but to me, it brought so much peace. The people laid to rest below the headstones have been honored in such a beautiful way. 

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is often referred to as the Valley of 72 Waterfalls and the first one you see is called Staubbach Fall. You can see it from the main street, you can see it from the train, in fact, you can even see it from Wengen. It falls 1000 feet off the cliff side and we got to walk hike behind it. They had a trail and staircase leading behind the fall, so I immediately thought, "This should be easy!" Think again. I should have realized when I saw the bucket of "to borrow" hiking sticks that it wasn't going to be as easy as it looked. While I stopped to catch my breath 19 times, Mr. B captured some amazing photos. 

The view of the valley from the waterfall stairs is exactly how I imagined Switzerland. Green, rolling hills, charming little houses, and the Alps. Do you see the tiny little town in the top left - hiding behind those clouds? That is Wengen.

The flowers. Well let's just say the Swiss really know how to garden. Heck, they must all be born with green thumbs. All of them. From the flower boxes attached to houses to the flower beds out front, every house and piece of property is just beaming with color.

The hike through the Lauterbrunnen valley was super easy (aside from the waterfall trek). The trail was essentially a narrow road lined with several waterfalls. The coolest of all being Trummelbachfalle. Although touristy, the experience was pretty awesome.

The waterfalls are found INSIDE of a mountain. I had no idea what to expect and usually that's when I am most impressed. Number one, I thought we could just walk right to them. Wrong, we had to stop and pay a fee to have access. I thought they were going to be a short hike in. Wrong, we had to ride an underground lift, then proceed to walk the man-made steps inside the mountain. It's really the hardest thing to explain, but trust me, it was awesome. I think the words, "This is insane" came out of my mouth more than once. Imagine caves, but instead of stalagmites, the caves holds waterfalls gushing 20,000 liters per second. I can barely comprehend that. Yet, I am thankful I have google to inform me of these things, because I certainly couldn't read the German signs directing me along the way. All I knew was that it was a shit ton of water!

Due to lighting, or lack there of, it was extremely difficult to photograph. Even for my talented husband who tried so hard to capture pieces of it on video. So this is all we have to share!

Afterwards, we stopped for a short snack at the "cafeteria" - don't you wish all cafeteria's looked this charming? And because their was a break in the clouds, we sat outside and enjoyed a Bratzel - a combination of a baguette and pretzel - and a beer!

We took our time on our hike back to downtown Lauterbrunnen. We stopped a lot to take in the scenery and watch crazy people jump off the side of cliffs in wing suits. Let me tell you, they sound like a plane crashing to the ground when they jump. It's loud and scary and just when you think they're going to fall to their death, their chute comes out and they land on their feet. It's intense and right up Mr. B's alley. Unfortunately fortunately, he didn't partake in the excursion, because his live-in-fear-wife was totally uninterested. In all fairness, I encouraged him to do it without me. I mean you are only in Switzerland once. But he declined. And I didn't beg.

Hikes always ended with food and booze. And how could you pass up this cozy patio with sheepskin on the benches? Not me, that's for sure. I was happy with the atmosphere, but Mr. B was even happier with their menu. Coffee, baileys and a scoop of gelato or Champagne with scoop of raspberry gelato. Sign us up. It was the best $40 we've ever spent. #toldyaitwasexpensive

Back to Wengen we went, but Lauterbrunnen sure was a great stop. In fact, it was one of my favorites cities on our travels through Switzerland and one I would highly recommend.

Are you still with me on this #boresbackpackeurope journey? I have two more cities in Switzerland to blog about and then we're off to Ireland. Thank you for being patient with me, readers.
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