Monday, September 1, 2014

Monty Monday

Never in my life, have I ever been so excited to see someone. I cried three different times on our #boresbackpackeurope trip because I missed this little boy so much. In fact, when the dog sitter sent me a photo of Monty on Friday, I burst into tears. Did I mention, I was in the middle of the Guinness Brewery when that happened? I am clearly crazy. Er, wait. I think it was exhaustion, alcohol, and homesickness all rolled into one!

Sixteen days away from my puppy was fifteen days too long. He stayed with a wonderful family while we were gone who loved him, bathed him, walked him, bought him toys, fed him treats, snuggled him, and spoiled the heck our of him!

As much as he may have missed us, I think he misses his doggy-girlfriend even more. He has been sad all day, but after our walk, he put this big smile on his face.

Thank you Sally, Jim and Cinna. We can't wait to host Cinna at our house one day. We may have to have a play date before then!

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