Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camp Bores Goes to Utah

Captured by Mr. B
I never did write about our week long camping trip this year. Mr. B reminds me of it daily. He fully encourages this little web space of mine and his favorite posts are when I write about camping. Surprise, surprise! So when I started writing about our European adventure, he reminded me again that I never posted his video of our trip to Utah.

So this one if for you, Mr. B. Thank you for taking me to new places, yet again. I swear I would never leave our house if it wasn't for you.

We traveled over the Rockies and entered a new state - Utah. Well new to me and Monty, but not Mr. B. He's been to nearly all of the lower 48 states. All that means is Monty and I have some work to do! I digress.

We stayed in Dead Horse State Park and visited TWO more National Parks. Canyonlands National Park, where Mr. B enjoyed showing me where he and the boys explored White Rim Road two years ago. And Arches National Park, where the highlight was hiking to Delicate Arch. Not the hiking part, but the Arch part was awesome. Actually, I take that back. It was probably one of my all time favorite hikes. I cannot believe those words are coming out of my mouth! In addition to the heat, the landscape made me feel like I was in Egypt. I've never been to Egypt, but it looked the way I imagine it to be. And the reward was spectacular. An enormous-orangish-sandy Arch erected in the middle of no where.

Our week was rather laid back - just the way I like them. We laid in the hammock, drank wine at the edge of the earth, saw some wild fox, played Yatzee in the air conditioned camper when it was too hot to be outside, ate burritos for breakfast, hiked before it got too hot, drove windy roads that made me sick, took too many time lapses and sold our house.

The quote of the trip, "It's not Yellowstone!" Granted, canyons and arches are awesome, but Mr. B spoiled me by taking me to one of the coolest places on earth, first. He should have saved that one for when we were gray and wrinkly. Now, nothing compares.

Watch and enjoy. I had to watch it again to remember the details.

#CampBores goes to Moab

from Scott Bores 
on Vimeo.

Ps. Sorry if my white legs blinded you. #needatan

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  1. Great video, Scott! And lovely writing, Kylie, as usual :) Looked like it was a very memorable trip!


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