Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bores Backpack Europe: Lucerne, Switzerland

Two spellings, same city. Luzern is the German spelling and Lucerne is the French spelling. Confusing much? Yes, especially when you're two clueless Americans.

While in Lucerne, we stayed at The Bed and Breakfast. It was the only place on our entire vacation where I got a decent night sleep. The people were so kind and friendly. They had a window that I could hang my head out of. It was clean. The bed was comfy. The bathroom was only steps away from our room. The breakfast included bread, cheese and jam. And the location was only a quick bus ride from the train station. We didn't know about that said bus on the day we arrived. So we walked. I stopped 19 times along the way to give my back a break from my too-heavy-backpack and to bitch at Mr. B for not getting me a taxi. #iblamethejetlag
Maybe this is where I should mention, all queen beds in Switzerland are really two twin beds pushed together. You even get your own blanket! Canoodling or spooning means someone will be laying on the crack - where the two beds meet - and no one enjoys that. So if you're looking for a romantic vacation full of snuggling, Switzerland may not be for you. On the positive side, your husband won't be a blanket hog!

Lucerne is the one place in Switzerland we both wish we had spent more time. Since we hiked the Alps the previous day and ventured across a too high bridge, we didn't have much time to explore Lucerne. Although, we weren't leaving without doing a 2 hour crash course of the city.

Few words, mostly photos.

Mr. B enjoying the view
Hof Church
Dying Lion Monument
And again
Swiss Architecture / makes my heart swoon
Chapel Bridge and Watertower
A stroll across Chapel Bridge
View from Chapel Bridge / Town Hall is the one with the tower
Jesuit Church
Early morning champagne on the River
If my husband had the patience, I would have loved to browse some of the great shops Lucerne had to offer. Then again, I wouldn't have been able to fit anything in my backpack, even if I wanted to bring something home. #winwin The city also had these amazing little coffee shops and bakeries tucked in between the streets. I could have easily gotten lost in this city. Ya know, lost, in the good kind of way.

All packed up and ready for our travels to Wengen! Stay tuned.

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  1. When our husbands die, and we're forced to live together in a retirement community, let's move to Switzerland. I would love to live here. So amazingly beautiful & peaceful.


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