Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Years

Our 2nd year anniversary was 26 days ago. During the first year, we celebrated and documented our wedded bliss each and every month [start here]. I mean we even did an interview video, which I swore I would make Mr. B film every year after. However, year two seemed to go by much faster and was barely documented. #diaryfail

Before our anniversary month comes to an end, I thought I should dedicate a post to year two. Too bad, I am a day late at posting this. Oops.

How did we celebrate? We camped. Are you surprised? We went to the Indian Peaks Wilderness and stayed at Brainard Lake. Mr. B's parents joined us in their camper as well. We ATE a lot, we napped every day, we hiked to a few mountain lakes, we looked for moose multiple times each day, we tramped in snow, we roasted hot dogs, and we played cards while it poured rain. It was lovely and just the break we needed from moving and packing.

What were the gifts? We like to stick to the traditional anniversary gifts, rather than coming up with our own creative ideas. Year two is cotton. Mr. B purchased me a Colorado T-Shirt. Not just your ordinary shirt though - the Colorado Flag is in the shape of Pennsylvania. My roots guys! I mean how thoughtful. I wasn't nearly as thoughtful. I had a little Chinese woman on Etsy hand sew him a cotton camera case. That way, when he hikes, his lens can have a little protection from the trees he almost smacks while walking. I am not a 100% sure he actually likes the case though. He claims he does, but I have yet to see him use it.

Since we were buying a house, we told each other we weren't purchasing any "extras" - only cotton. Well, Mr. B got me a bonus gift anyway - I am a lucky lady. He really wanted me to have a new hammock for camping. One that wouldn't snap and drop me in the middle of a full sway. He's a good man.

Mr. B's parents also got us a gift. A package of toilet paper, kitchen dish cloths, QTips, cotton balls and cotton candy. Who knew cotton could make me that happy. Something to wipe my rear-end, clean my sink, clear ear wax, remove my nail polish, all while stuffing my face with sugary goodness.

Lastly, our always thoughtful travel buddies in Atlanta got us a kitchen towel (also cotton!) with the country of Ireland shaped out of cities. So cool, huh? We leave for Europe in TWO WEEKS and will be meeting them in Ireland to drink, eat, play tourist and cheer on PSU. So that kitchen towel will represent a lifetime of memories, that I am sure!

What was something you learned in year two? New hobbies are important to keeping your relationship interesting. You know, like beekeeping. Mr. B laughed at me initially, but now he tells everyone he knows that he has a bee suit.

What was the most memorable moment of year two?: Selling our house and finding the home we plan to raise our family in, eventually. No not right now, Mom!

Last photo at Waylon Drive
Got any other questions for us?

I am already looking forward to year three -- a new house to make our own, a two week trip to Europe, finding a new place to put our Christmas tree, building furniture together for our new office, and lathering Mr. B up in all these essential oils I am so curious about. Post on that coming soon.

Love you, Mr. B, as much as I enjoy falling asleep in a hammock.

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