Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Houcs Pocus: Bug Spray

Since moving into our new house, we've spent some time each evening exploring the neighborhood and walking the trails around our house. Monty loves it and so do we. Although, we are noticing the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting just a little earlier. We all know, dusk is prime time for mosquitos and I am the crazy lady smacking myself in the middle of our walk trying to get them, before they get me.

I came home with 5 new bites the other evening and decided I was outnumbered. My slapping and smacking were no longer cutting it. So I mixed up a little hocus pocus bug spray and what to you know, I haven't come back with any new bites.

I used a 2oz GLASS spray bottle - I bought it at Whole Foods for $3. Keep in mind, always put your oils in glass, not plastic. Feel free to multiply the recipe if you use a larger spray bottle.
  • Fill the spray bottle half way with distilled water (2oz)
  • Fill the other half with Witch Hazel (2oz) [I bought the WH at Whole Foods for $4]
  • Add 5 Drops of Purification
  • Add 5 Drops of Thieves
  • Add 5 Drops of Peppermint
  • Shake and use

Perks: It's a much milder scent than the "Off" brand you find in stores, including the floral ones. It doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. All three of the oils used in this recipe are included in The Premium Starter Kit.

On the days when you forget to pack the bug spray or miss a spot while spraying, rub a drop of Purification on the bite and it will ease the itch. Good news, that oil also comes in the Starter Kit.

To protect yourself during the last few weeks of Summer - at the lake, in the woods, or at your Labor Day picnic - become a witch and order a starter kit! Visit here for step by step instructions.

See you on the spooky side.

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