Tuesday, August 12, 2014


If you haven't been following along. We moved. From small town Johnstown, to college town Fort Collins. Johnstown was wonderful to us for the 4 years we were there, but we found ourselves always wanting more. More restaurants. More trails. More parks. More shops. More entertainment. More beer. That may sound selfish, but at the end of the day, "FoCo" just fit our lifestyle a little better than Johnstown.

Insert a whirlwind 4 months and you find us now sleeping in our new house for the ninth night in a row. 

It was chaos around here for the first week. Real chaos. Mr. B and his dad were ripping drywall apart, only to find themselves putting it all back together. I was painting nonstop for three evenings nights straight. We were living out of boxes. I had packing paper stuck to my shoes every time I left the house. And the neighbors little yipper dog was barking at us every time we opened the back door.

If you're thinking of moving, don't!!! Here's why - #shiteverywhere

Then again, I continue to tell myself it's all worth it. I have a little ways to go before I am 100% sold on that statement, but each day of progress gets me a little closer.

We have 56,895 boxes left to unpack, two guest bedrooms to organize, d├ęcor to be hung, rooms to be painted, a workshop to be built, and a million other wish list items, but we are already transforming this lovely house into The Bores Quarters.

The largest transformation to date, is the fireplace mantel:


I was going for fresh and bright. Mission accomplished.

At one point, I told Mr. B I was done. That I was going to have a yard sale and sell everything we owned. The thought of unpacking another box, was enough to send me over the edge. Especially after painting our entire main living space and living off very little sleep. I am so glad I didn't, because this one space motivates to me to keep making all of the other spaces equally as livable.


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