Monday, July 21, 2014

Monty Monday

This is one of the very last photos I have of Monty G in the Waylon House. When we said goodbye on Saturday I said to Mr. B, "I am so sad we don't have Monty here to take one last family photo outside!" 

It's not about photos though, it's about the crazy memories he brought to this house.  
He snuggled by the three sided fireplace all winter long, he counter surfed raw chicken wings and loaves of bread from the kitchen counters, he took every piece of wood off the woodpile outback, he napped in front of the front door where the tile was cool, he was well known around the neighborhood for the 100's of times he got loose, he looked forward to Mr. B dropping toys from the balcony, he chewed open a hot pink bottle of nail polish in the guest bathroom upstairs, he blended in with the carpet throughout the house, he got hyper every time he went in the basement, he laid at the top of the stairs for hours during the day, and he had a best friend across the street named Rudy. 

I remember the day we adopted Monty and brought him home. Naturally, he sniffed every detail and then ran upstairs. At the time he was 75lbs (he is now 100lbs ) and we thought it sounded like a horse running around. We weren't used to having a dog, let alone one that was nearly the size of a pony. 

We looked at each other and said, "What did we just do? This was a bad idea, huh?!"

Four years later, he's the most spoiled doodle in the universe and the one thing that made that Waylon House a home. We didn't know it that first day, but Monty was the best impulse decision we've ever made. 

I think he misses home. Although, he has no idea what's in store: a new house to explore. New smells, new friends, new walking trails, and new things to pee on.

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