Friday, May 23, 2014

Listing Day

Our house went on the market today. We are officially selling our house without anywhere to move to. I joke and say we'll be moving into our 19 foot box (camper) full time. Some days I wonder if it's really a joke or turning into a reality.

To say we are nervous is an understatement, but we decided this was the best option in order to be competitive in buying our future house. The real estate market in Northern Colorado is extremely hot right now. Houses are not staying on the market for longer than 24 hours - specifically in the area we are interested in. It's a sellers market, not a buyers market, which means we need to be able to make an offer without a contingency to sell ours. In order to do that, we had to step up to the plate and sell ours first.


I believe the "first-time selling" jitters got the best of us. The house was spotless. The floors were freshly vacuumed. The lights were on. The Glade plug-ins were releasing sweet scents. The lawn was freshly mowed. The beds were made. And the showers were cleaned. Yet, we forgot one small big thing - to check the front door! We forgot to unlock the screen door before we left this morning, which meant the realtor was unable to access the keypad to unlock the door. Thankfully our amazing neighbor was out and noticed the struggle. She called me and we were able to give her the code to an alternate entrance so she could let the realtor and potential buyers in. #sellerfail

Since we aren't allowed to be present during the showings, Monty and I are stuck in a 12x12 conference room at Mr. B's office. I am working, while Monty is being destructive. For those of you that don't know, Mr. B works for a company that designs flood warning systems so their mascot is a duck. While distracted on a conference call, I wasn't paying attention to Monty.  When I turned around, Monty had emptied the basket of rubber ducks and other various tchotchkes all over the floor and decided to use them as chew toys.

Keep it up Monty and they are going to take you off payroll ;)

Please pray we don't have to be locked in a tiny conference room for the next month, while scheduled showings are going on at our house.

As if the bees weren't enough of an undertaking for this year. Let's add selling our house, finding a temporary home, and buying our next house to the list.

I am glad Mr. B likes adventure because, frankly, this stress just makes me lose sleep. And if you know me, I am like a baby and need lots of sleep. I blame the lack of sleep for making me forget to check the front door.

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