Monday, April 7, 2014


If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you probably saw I received really amazing surprise 10 days ago. My thoughtful husband flew my mom 1500 miles from Pennsylvania to visit for six days, without me knowing. I didn't even have an inkling she was coming. Looking back there were a few signs that I could have picked up on, but at the time, I thought nothing of it.

The thing is, Mr. B is a terrible liar and he knows it. There aren't many, if any, lies that he has gotten away with so when he told me he would be coming home late last Thursday (a lie) he made sure he was smart about his delivery. Rather then tell me face to face, he chose to tell me while he was in the other room putting on his shoes. He yelled, "I will probably be late tonight. I am meeting a vendor and may grab dinner with him." I yelled back, "Okay, just call me on your way home."

[Reason for being late, he was picking my mom up from the airport.]

He later told me, while laughing, "If I had told you that lie about working late to your face, you would have accused me of lying and probably cheating." I giggled because he is probably right. His smile gives him away.

The camera man that he is, happened to capture the surprise on film. If you missed the video, take a look. I obviously swear when I am in shock.

I have had a few inquires as to why I am laying on the floor rather than the open couches in my living room. Reason being is simple - I like the floor. Not to mention, our fireplace is next to where I was laying, which means that's the best seat in the house for ultimate warmth.

Since I was unaware of my mom's arrival, I didn't have anything planned. We decided to keep it low key and just do normal things. Well our "normal" is way more active that the "normal" she is used too. I think she was exhausted by the time she left.

Highlights included: dinner at Scott's parents; wine tasting and house hunting in Ft. Collins; antiquing in Loveland; having a girls day exploring Old Town with Danielle; standing in line for 45 minutes at VooDoo donut to feed a pregnancy craving (Andreas, not mine); putting together beehive frames; walks with Monty; cheering out loud for the Voice contestants; introducing her to gelato; and sitting in Adirondack chairs at Kohl's and dreaming about summer.

Thank you Mr. B from the bottom of my heart for flying my mamabear out here. Our memories from that week will always be special. I love you both.

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