Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Meet Pogo.
He is a Kangaroo that lives in Loveland. No, not in Australia, where he belongs, but rather 8 miles away from our house.
Mr. B found nails in tires of both of our vehicles this weekend. What are the chances? Maybe we should stop doing home improvement projects or just do a better job of cleaning up the garage when we are done. I digress. We took them to the tire shop and while we waited we walked to our local ranch store, Jax. There was a group of people crowding around the entrance. I asked Scott why and he said, "Oh they probably have rabbits on display for Easter." Made sense to me, so we decided to skip the crowd and walk in the side entrance.
We used the front entrance when we left and I discovered what the crowd was gawking at, and it wasn't a rabbit. It was Pogo the kangaroo and his owner, Chris. I looked Chris in the eye and said, "Why is he here?" His reply, "He is my pet and we have a partnership with Jax to show him off for educational purposes." With the most peculiar look on my face I said, "Your pet? Like in your house?" He replied as if it were totally normal to have a pet kangaroo hanging out bouncing around the living room.
While everyone and their child were petting Pogo, I snapped a few photos and walked away. In shock, I think. It still boggles my mind why someone would own a pet kangaroo. Although Colorado is rather lenient - first marijuana and now kangaroos. How does a kangaroo not make the list of banned exotic animals?
Pogo is currently 1 year old, but by the time he is 4, he will be as large as his owner. Please tell me someone else finds this totally humorous? What the...!!!
Read more about this mans home zoohere.

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