Monday, April 14, 2014

Monty Monday

I couldn't decide on just one photo this week, so I picked two. The first one I like to call, "Please let me in the kitchen!" Since we had a good run at counter surfing a few weeks ago, we are trying our best to keep Monty out of the kitchen when we are cooking. Most days it doesn't work well, because we can't seem to break the habit of calling for him when we drop food on the floor. You know dogs are the best vacuums when it comes to kitchens. And we wonder why he takes any opportunity he can to eat human food. #ShameOnUs
The second photo I like to call, "Lazy!" When Monty isn't laying at the top of the stairs just outside my office, that's usually a sure sign he can be found in our bed. So when I took a break from work today, this is where I discovered him. I can't decide if he is giving me the "Do you need something?" look or the "Come snuggle, Mom!" look.
Please ignore my messy bed. I read a fact once that said making your bed in the morning is a good way to make you feel organized before work. Well today is Monday...Monty Monday actually and if I had made my bed, then Monty would have messed it up while taking his afternoon nap. I knew I left it messy for a reason. #SpoiledPup
Why don't I look that cute when I sleep? I never was a pretty sleeper. Sorry Mr. B.

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