Tuesday, April 15, 2014



I love the Windy City. It's one of the few cities that I always say, "I'd spend money to go back there!" And that's mostly because I want to explore it with my husband. Unfortunately, there are a few other cities and vacations that take priority over Chicago. Cough, Europe. Cough, Seattle. But one day, we'll go together and play tourist strolling around Navy Pier, taking selfies at The Bean, having a beverage at the top of The Hancock Building, and eating our weight in Chicago Style Pizza. Oh wait, I've already done that. Well most of it.

Exploring it with one of my greatest friends and colleagues, Melissa, was just as fun. We didn't have a lot of free time since we were there for a work trip, but this was our third time in Chicago together and we didn't let a minute pass without making the most of it.

Breakfast at Yolk if you are craving your entire meal served in a pineapple. Even their website will make you smile.

A stroll through Millennium Park and taking a few selfies at The Bean.

Eating the best Chicago Style Pizza at Lou Malnati's. Get a local beer while your there too!

And of course getting a rush from hailing a cab. I don't get to do that often and can't remember if I've ever hailed a cab in my lifetime. So there I was, asking Melissa to take a photo of me, so I could officially check "Hailing a cab" off my bucket list. I knew the cab driver thought I was nuts, so I jokingly told him I lived on a farm and didn't get out much. They have to hate tourists. Then again, scratch that thought. That's how they make most of their money - not watching tourists take photos, but driving their clueless asses butts around the city - so I guess I shouldn't have apologized.

If you haven't been to Chicago yet, add it to your list! To see the city, not the stars. The cabby driving me to my hotel was one of the kindest drivers I have ever had. He was from Ethiopia and asked me if I could see the stars in Colorado. "Of course we can." I replied, "Is it too light to see them here?" Unfortunately, like most major cities, the city of Chicago has too much light pollution, which alters the view of the twinkly night skies. My driver said it was the one thing most people take for granted and I agreed. So the next time you are sitting around a campfire looking for the Big Dipper or a shooting star, remember those in the heart of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago have to travel far beyond the city nightlife to see what you can see.

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