Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monty Someday

As I was brushing my teeth before bed last night, Mr. B asked me if I had posted a "Monty Monday" yet - I told him I didn't have time. He said, "You should just change the name to Monty Someday." After spitting in the sink, I told him that was a great idea.

I just can't seem to get in a regular habit or routine for posting. I always have good intentions and ideas, it's just hard to find the time some days. So, on Monday's when I neglect to post a Monty photo, yet get around to posting it later in the week... it will have a new title. Introducing... Monty Someday.

Remember when I said I like to take Monty everywhere we go? Well this past weekend he went to the brewery with us. A local one and one of our favorites, Loveland Aleworks. Most places in Colorado are dog friendly and although Monty doesn't like beer, he is still welcome. In fact, they even have a giant water bowl on the patio for the pups to sip slop in. That cup in front of him works just as well.

We were celebrating my cousin Seany's birthday that evening and Monty was excited to come along. While Sean was talking to women at the bar, Monty was making friends with everyone coming through the door. I am not sure who picked up more women that night, but if I had to put my money on it, I would choose Monty. Sorry, cous:) Kids, women, and even men just seem to be drawn to him. Maybe because of his big brown eyes? Nah! His size and muppet face often times make people curious. 

A few, err, I mean several beers and pretzels later, I was driving them all home. The boys had the beers and Monty had the pretzels. 

We were so happy to celebrate the start of Seany's 35th year in Colorado. See you in 11 weeks, cous!  

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  1. Monty Someday..I like it. I will always concede to Monty when it comes to picking up women! See you all in 11 weeks...
    Seany :)


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