Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monty Monday

"Where's my toy? Dad, where is it?" 

I went to the pet store shortly after the New Year. I am a sucker for those $1.99 stuffed toys near the register. You know, the ones that usually change based on the next upcoming holiday - hearts, four leaf clovers, pumpkins, etc. Mr. B tells me they are a waste of money since Monty usually tears them to shreds in about 4 minutes flat. But who cares, he has fun doing it.  Anyway, that day at PetSmart I saw a bin of teddy bears marked down to $1.99 (originally $12.99). I asked the clerk twice if they were really that cheap and she told me yes both times. So I picked up two of them and took them home to surprise Monty. 

When Mr. B found out how much I paid for them he asked why I hadn't purchased the whole damn bin. So I went back to PetSmart a few days later and bought four more. I have them hiding in the closet upstairs (which Monty knows). However, it's the middle of March and he is still on his second bear. The first one didn't last long and this one is missing its shirt, its ear, and its squeaker. But the rest is pretty much intact. I might need to operate sew it, but when the time comes to toss it, we have 4 more stowed away. #lifewithadog

PS. Ignore the fact that this blog was posted on Tuesday. I am a day late. Oops.

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