Monday, March 3, 2014

Monty Monday

This photo was taken on a recent trip to Lowes. Mr. B makes fun of me when I ask to take Monty with us, but look at that face. There is no denying that he loves home improvement laying on the cool cement floor.  

In other news, this little boy still continues to be naughty. Almost every single night when we let him out before bed, he comes running back to the door with a face covered in dirt. He's finding every excuse to dive headfirst into our flower pots out back. An excuse unknown to me. I suppose he is like a kid and just likes to get dirty?

He also gave counter surfing another good try (again) this morning. I was on a work call and heard this loud clanging noise coming from downstairs. I thought the pile of dishes I had drying in the sink had fallen over. Wrong. I ran downstairs to find Monty heading towards the living room with that, "Uh oh, I am in trouble look." Turns out, he tried surfing the package of buns I had sitting on our toaster oven. Thankfully, they were sitting on top of a tray, so when he grabbed the buns the tray came tumbling down with it, landing on the tile floor - insert said clanging noise.

Needless to say we still have our buns, but he might not, if he keeps this up.

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