Friday, March 7, 2014

deed #6

Last week the temperature finally got above freezing and the sun was shinning. I knew the nice weather had a short lifespan, so I decided to take Monty for a long walk. Let's face it, winter really puts a damper on the dog walking schedule and frankly we both needed a little exercise. Plus, I thought a little vitamin D would help break my funk.

We started off on our traditional route, but decided to continue on. I was enjoying the sun and Monty was just happy to be outside. As we crossed one of the streets in our neighboring development, we stepped up on the sidewalk and I noticed broken glass all around my feet. I hopscotched around to get the dog into the grass and away from the glass. We've already had one episode with glass in his paw [last summer while swimming in the reservoir] and all I could imagine was that mess [and vet bills] all over again. So once we were away from all of the glass, I checked his paws and kept walking. I didn't get more than five steps ahead when I realized I should go back and clean it up. I could prevent another dog from having to go to the vet and maybe even a child from getting cut (it is a very child-friendly neighborhood!) 

I grabbed one of Monty's waste bags, put on the winter gloves I had in my pocket, and collected all of the green glass my eyes could spot. As I walked towards the curb I found the culprit - a Rolling Rock bottle. I'd like to believe the trashmen dropped it as they were hauling away garbage, but in reality it could have been a drunk driver tossing an empty out the window. I will never know the answer, but I feel better knowing that majority of the glass has been picked up.

I tied the bag when I was done and carried it home to toss away.

Key takeaways: Don't litter and don't drink and drive.

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