Monday, February 17, 2014


Who knew a record player could fill a house with so much joy. I have been interested in purchasing a record player for nearly a year now. Every time I brought it up, Mr. B would say something along the lines of, "A record player? What for?" My reply, "Why not? Why do we want anything in life?" Because we think it will make us happy, right?

Well after mentioning my interest again last week, he surprised me with one. After he purchased it, he stopped in a local record store (because you can't give someone a player without a record). He didn't have a lot of time, so he picked one of the first bands he recognized - a Steve Miller Band album from 1981.

The only plans we had for Valentines Day was having a picnic on our living room floor. After dinner, that picnic blanket turned into a dance floor. We put the record on and danced around. I was creating dance moves as I listened, but Mr. B decided it was time I learn the waltz. It's four simple steps and I was stumbling all over the place, including over the dog. Coordination never really was my forte. Hence, why I quit every sport I ever started. Despite my lack of dance skills, it turned out to be one of my favorite nights with Mr. B.

We were up early to go skiing the next day and on our way home, we stopped at another record shop in Denver. They sell new and used vinyl. Talk about a good pastime - we could have gotten lost in there for hours. I was on the hunt for one album, the Grease soundtrack, and when I found it I giggled like a little kid. I can still remember dragging Jenna's dads record player to her room, when we were probably 8 years old, and singing Summer Nights at the top of our lungs. Who doesn't love a little T-Bird and Pink Lady romance?

We ended up walking out of Wax Trax with 10 records in hand. From Billy Joel to Billy Jo Armstrong, and each approximately $3. I don't ever remember having such a cheap hobby - beekeeping certainly isn't one of them.

The record player got a lot of use when we got home. We listened to almost every one. In fact, Mr. B even put on the Frank Sinatra Christmas album, which I am surprised he even agreed to buy. I can barely get him to listen to Christmas music in December, yet he was willing to listen to Jingle Bells in the middle of February! Maybe I should have bought a record player years ago.

It hasn't stopped spinning since we plugged it in.

Back to my question of, "Why do we want anything in life?" -- if you think it's going to make you happy, most times it usually does. Sometimes that happiness is short lived and other times it lasts. For me, this little box has allowed for one of my all time favorite weekends in this house of ours. When the excitement of record shopping wears off, the memories of this weekend will always bring back that same happy feeling: the day I learned to waltz on a blanket laid out on my living room floor.
How did I get so lucky to have married a man who enjoys surprises and knows how to waltz? Sorry you married such an uncoordinated woman, Mr. B. You unfortunately, didn't get as lucky.

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