Wednesday, February 5, 2014

deed #4

well that didn't take me long to get behind. the first week into february and i am already one deed behind. well, let me rephrase that, a post behind. i actually did a good deed last week, i just neglected to write about it. eh, i spend so much time at my computer during the day that sometimes in the evenings, the last thing i want to do is have that bright screen starring back at me for yet another hour.

back to the deed. well this one is kind of includes two (again). a mini one from two weeks ago and one from last week. i had a work conference in san diego mid january. i was supposed to spend three days there, but on the second day, my 5AM wake up call included running across my hotel room with that nasty stomach bug. it was miserable. while the front desk was unable to help, a wonderful colleague bought me the whole dang hotel pharmacy - from pepto (swallowing that makes the sickness worse, i swear), to tylenol, to alka seltzer, to ginger ale, and even lemon flavored pellegrino.

with all of that said, when you are sick the only place you want to be is home. somehow, by the grace of god i made it out of bed and to the airport so i could catch an afternoon flight back to denver. i was literally dragging myself through security and when i made it through, even putting my shoes on was making me dizzy. so i sat down on a bench and noticed a womans scarf beside me. i looked towards the escalator and saw a woman my age who was just getting on. i ran over to her (in my socks) and yelled, "is this your scarf?" she didn't hear me, so i walked up the staircase next to it and yelled a little louder. she turned and said, "oh my gosh, yes. i was in such a hurry. thank you so much." then walked down the stairs to meet me half way.

have you ever left something at airport security and wished someone would have ran after you?

on to number two, this was last weeks deed.

i painted the nursery of my pregnant-with-twins-mama-friend. i had offered to do this months ago when she was sharing her nursery ideas with me. at the time, she looked at me and said, "really? you actually want to paint it?" strangely enough i find painting to be very rewarding. its can be time consuming and tedious (taping), but i love the transformation of a space when its complete. so of course i told her i was serious.

i had intentions of making her help me - at least with the prep work. but unfortunately shes been on bed rest since just before christmas. that meant, she had an official excuse to sit back and give me orders. just kidding, she didnt order me around at all. she gave me free reigns and said, "have fun." in fact, she even trusted me to pick the paint color. after 15 paint swatch text messages back and forth we finally selected the perfect color - pawprint.

after the paint color was decided, i picked up the remaining supplies and headed to her house. maddie (her daughter), was the perfect little helper who followed me up and down the step stool. how can you not love that cheesy smile and that shirt tucked into those sweats? next time though, i am teaching her how to tape!

you probably asked yourself why we painted over blue walls since she is having boys, but her vision was to create a natural-warm-cozy space for them. mission accomplished. it turned out beautiful and mama is happy - that's all that matters.  now that the paint is checked off the list she can start focusing on the cribs, the mobiles and the bedding. you know, all the fun stuff.

these little boys are so loved already and i am so happy i could be a part of their preparation. only a few more months until they are whaling from this room in need of milk :)


  1. I JUST now saw this! How did I miss it?! You are the best friend in the world. Only the truest of friends would bother to do something as mundane & time-consuming as paint their friend's nursery. You are a treasure & I love you to the moon & back. I owe you big time, so just plan on me doing everything for you when you finally get pregnant. :)

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