Friday, January 24, 2014

deed #3

last week was made up a couple small deeds that i am hoping counts as one big one? then again, who's judging? a good deed, small or large is still a good deed, right?

the first small deed took place at target. mr. b and i are officially in "save mode" for our europe 2014 trip, so that means i have to stay out of target. i didn't make it three weeks into the new year, before i found a really solid reason to go. we needed toilet paper. i know, i know, i could have easily gone to walmart or the grocery store. both are places i try to rush out of and places that don't tempt me like target does. yet, target was closer. that's was the excuse i gave mr. b anyway.

anyway, i was heading towards the checkout with my package of toilet paper, paper towels and a few other "necessities" that i really needed. eyeliner counts, right? as i passed the little girls section there was a rack that had nearly 30 target gift cards scattered below it. i knew that wasn't where they belonged and so did the other 15 people walking past. i hesitated when i saw them and thought about continuing on to the checkout. it was just easier and i wanted to get out of there to get on to the next place i was going. instead i reminded myself of this little good deed project. then considered smacking myself. it shouldn't take a good deed project to make me do the right thing. i was just being lazy. so i stopped. i collected all of the cards and took them to the target employees standing 15 feet away. they thanked me and i continued on to the checkout to pay for my necessities.

the second small deed was volunteering to stay after my bee class last week to help move the tables and chairs in the classroom back to their original location. the class ran over nearly 90 minutes. after sitting in there for 6 hours at that point, everyone was ready to go home. me, included. however, they asked for people to stay and help get the room back in order. so i did. it took about 5 minutes of my time and allowed the teachers to focus on clearing out their bee supplies and go home too. [a post on my beekeeping class coming soon - i have been getting a lot of questions]

again, nothing special, but it still felt good.

mr b and i have a few good deeds coming that we are excited to share. still in research mode. stay tuned.

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