Wednesday, January 15, 2014

deed #2

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you will have to forgive me for the back-to-back posts. but when i finally sat down to write "deed #1" - it was already the third week of January. so i need to play a little catch up on my side if i plan to have 52 deed posts by the end of the year.

on to deed #2. i was traveling last week for work. we had our annual sales meeting in knoxville, tennessee. I don't know how familiar you are with the knoxville airport, but i can tell you it's nearly impossible to get a direct flight in and out of there. so rather than have a layover in atlanta - which typically greets with me with a delayed flight - i have learned that charlotte is usually a better option.

i try to avoid airplane bathrooms if at all possible. i am nearly a germaphobe when it comes to those tiny stalls. with that said, i usually find my way to the public restroom when i get off the plane. too much info? sorry.

after the three hour flight to charlotte, i walked into a restroom to find a small table set up with mints, listerine, flowers and tissues. the attendant standing there welcomed each of the women walking in and even opened the stall doors for us. i smiled at her and then continued on to find my gate to knoxville.

what i neglected to mention in the paragraph above, was the tip jar the woman had sitting beside her basket of mints. i didn't mention it, because i didn't leave anything in it. i felt guilty about it all week. i know you can't give money to every homeless person you pass, or donate to every charity that effects you, but this very well could be her livelihood. it may not be her full-time job, but nonetheless she relies on that money to some capacity.

so on my return trip back from knoxville, i had another layover in charlotte. i made it a point to go back to that same restroom, in hopes of being greeted by the same woman. fortunately, i was and she was singing aloud, while adding more rolls to the toilet paper dispensers. i almost chuckled. who is that happy while cleaning a public restroom? i complain when i have to clean my own.

i smiled and said "thank you". this time around, when i exited, I added a $5 bill to her collection of $1's in the tip jar.

it's not much, but it was enough to let her know i appreciated her.

to whomever you are, thank you for spreading cheer in a place that is often times full of unhappy travelers.


some people would rather remain silent on the good things they do for others. i agree with that in many ways. being humble is a wonderful quality to have. however, stories of kind acts always encourage me to want to do the same. so if my stories encourage you, then together we are making this world a little brighter.

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