Tuesday, January 14, 2014

deed #1

it's no secret that doing something good for someone else makes you feel better.

an opportunity to help someone approached me during the first week of the year. the weather was bad outside. the temperature was nearly 4 degrees. the ground was icy. the wind was blowing. and snow was falling. we had a limited supply of food in our fridge and nothing for our lunches the following day. okay, let's be honest, it was stocked with a bunch of stuff we weren't in the mood for and ingredients that didn't mix well.

i put on snow boots. bundled up in my winter apparel. and drove the 1.8 miles downtown to the market. the snow had erased all of the lines in the parking lot, so people were creating their own general spot. when i pulled into my "spot" i sat there for an extra minute dreading the idea of walking a 100 yards to the front door in the detrimental weather.

my car was facing the McDonald's next door. while i sat there debating opening my car door i looked up and saw a young kid trying to push a 10 foot stack of bread trays, on a cart, across the icy/snow covered parking lot. the wheels of the cart were getting stuck in the snow and every time he attempted to push the cart, the lack of tread on his shoes, had him losing his balance.

i jumped out of my car and yelled, "do you want some help? it looks like you could use it." he replied, "sure if you want to." i grabbed the other side of the cart and we basically picked it up together and wheeled/carried the cart back to the front door. he thanked me for my help and i told him to have a good rest of the night, despite the fact that his shift continued until 2 in the morning.

i tightened my scarf a little tighter and ran back across the parking lot to the front door of the market. i was no longer thinking about the cold, but smiling instead.


granted, this is no act of sainthood. i know that. but this small event at the start of the year encouraged me to want to do one good deed, once a week, for the rest of 2014. maybe that isn't a lot to most. i know some task themselves with doing one good deed a day. but in reality, there are some days that i never leave my house. i work from home and often times stay in my bathrobe. i am all for setting goals, but i don't want to be unrealistic.

some weeks the opportunity may approach me and others, i may have to go looking. some deeds may be small (like this one) and others may be little greater. i am all for getting creative. so if you have ideas, please share.

to add to the challenge, i am going to blog about each good deed. Mr B is always telling me that i need to get on a more consistent blogging schedule. he tells me i have followers that i am disappointing. maybe i do, maybe i don't. but this will be a great way for me to have one consistent post each week. hold me to it, followers.

hope the new year is giving you something to smile about.

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