Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Look for Love

I'm sad. I woke up crying today and will probably go to bed sobbing into my pillow or in Mr. B's armpit. My family left today after visiting for the last ten days. It has been 4 years and 167 days since I moved to Colorado, but it never seems to get easier saying goodbye. I try to tell myself and convince my mother that it does, but who am I kidding. I sob every.single.time. For days. Thank God I have a husband who is patient and gentle when I am sad.

While I sit here surrounded in tissues and crinkled up toilet paper on my desk, I decided I would attempt to type between my blurred vision and reminisce on a few memories from the last week.

Mr. B and I love hosting visitors and always try to show them new places when they come to town. So a week before my mom and brother arrived we decided to book a hotel room at Glenwood Springs. The hot springs were steaming from the 104 degree water, while the temperature outside was just above freezing. We walked around town, played pool at Doc Holidays bar, got a tour of the Molly Brown suite at Hotel Colorado, dove off a spring board, tolerated the boys after multiple Old Fashion cocktails, and splashed our faces while sitting in vapor caves that were 120 degrees. It may be a good detox for your body, but it's terrible for your skin.

To be honest, there are so many "had-to-be-there" moments with my mom this trip. It would take me days to type them all out and frankly they would never be as funny as the real moment. But lets just say, don't ever take her in a dark room where men are meditating, unless you want her scream to wake the dead, or argue with her about a painting of Missy Franklin, she will call you stupid if you do.

The View from the Bell Tower off of Molly Brown's room - Hotel Colorado
Hot Spring

We made a mess in the kitchen 157463 times a day. My brother loves to cook, but hates cleaning the dishes. Don't we all? Not moms! I swear my mom had a dish rag in her hand every time she was in the kitchen, and never complained once. It took us hours to roll out and bake dozens upon dozens of sugar cookies. Yet only took us ten minutes to icing them. Let's just say we will never be professional bakers. I also learned a new family recipe that I made my brother teach me before he left - chicken salad. While he may be good in the kitchen, he learned first hand, that his sister is not. In fact, he no longer trusts me with a hand mixer or the garbage disposal.

Trashing the Kitchen

Thanksgiving was full of everything it is supposed to be - watching the parade with a mimosa in hand, black friday ads strewed all over the living room floor, the smell of pumpkin pie coming from the kitchen, football on the TV all afternoon, a deep fryer sizzling a 20lb turkey and a table full of food, stories and laughter. The laughs started the second I offered to say Grace. I bowed my head and said "Bless me Father for I have sinned...." By the time my brain connected with what was coming out of my mouth, the rest of the table had already burst into laughter. Maybe that is a sign I should be visiting a confessional sometime soon. All I know is, next year someone else will be saying Grace.

Safety First
"Bless me Father for I have sinned..."

There is so much more to share, including the story of Forest - our 10 foot Charlie Brown tree, hand cut from the middle of the National Forest. But I am going to clean up my tissues and go snuggle with the other sad one in the house - Monty. He's been depressed since the moment they started packing their suitcases.

Real quick, I had a sick feeling in my stomach all morning, knowing that they had to leave and we'd be left with a quiet house tonight. However, just before heading to the airport my brother looked at me and said, "I can't wait to look for love when we get there." He watched the movie Love Actually for the first time on Sunday, which is where his comment stemmed from. It's a favorite in the Bores house and his comment was a good reminder that despite the distance the separates me from my family, love always makes you feel better, even when your heart is feeling sad. Believe it or not, love actually is all around - with family, friends, and strangers. Look for it.

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