Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Month Twelve

This is it. The final post of our monthly marriage recap. I can hardly believe it. The first year of marriage behind us and the start of a fresh new year ahead of us. I am scheming and trying to come up with something creative to document year two - stay tuned.

Wedding Day: Go in for the kiss VS. Year One: Go in for the cake

The thoughts: 

To be honest, our anniversary week was full of a lot of joy and a lot of sadness. My great Aunt Helen passed away on Monday (July 1) after battling an infection for several weeks. She married my grandfathers uncle and resided not far from us in Ft. Collins, Colorado. As I reflected on all the ways my heart has grown for Mr. B this year, my heart also ached for my uncle and the love he lost. How do you go on after the one you've loved for 50 years has moved on and left you behind? Love is powerful. It can give you so much and in an instant take everything away.

Mr. B and I are still giving, taking and learning.  Isn't that all part of the commitment? They say year one is always the hardest, but I think there are a few things that lead to our success this year. Some we learned, some we read, and some we were told by others. Our advice to newlyweds: Have an open mind. Be adventurous. Celebrate one another. Communicate often. Be honest. Eat dinner together (and not always in front of the tv). Try new things. You're allowed to be angry, but be forgiving. Don't assume, ask questions. Encourage girl time. Encourage man time. Be romantic. Be passionate. Be silly. And say thank you. Don't get me wrong we still had some challenging moments, but the good definitely out weighed the bad.

Mr. B, you've been the greatest companion during the last 365 days. You've let me sleep in the middle of the bed, without waking me. You've shown me parts of the country that I never would have visited on my own. You've worked on house projects that you never wanted to start. You've pushed to me to the end of hikes even when I complained 90% of the way. You've made me savory dinners all year long and because of it we've both gained weight. You've walked the dog late at night, so I could stay snuggled on the couch. You've been compassionate and gentle on all the days I've missed my family. You've driven my car just so I can have the comfort of air conditioning in your truck. You've taken care of all the flowers, because you know I don't have a green thumb.  You've taught me to love camping, even though I was never an outdoors woman. You've turned me into a red wine drinker, when all I used to drink was white zin. And you've let me be me, despite all of my quirks. I really couldn't have asked for a better man.

As part of Mr. B's anniversary gift, I gave him a microphone for his camera. His hobby of putting together short films of our adventures has really grown into a passion during this last year and I decided our anniversary was a good reason to add to his collection of camera equipment. After receiving it, he was begging for an excuse to use it. So a few days later, I had an idea. I asked, "What do you think about creating an 'interview' film? We can ask each other questions about our first year of marriage and capture it on film." He laughed at me, but I told him to think about it. I would say it didn't take much convincing, because that night he turned our living room into a studio and this is what came of it.

Year One
from Scott Bores on Vimeo.

The anniversary celebration:

We had beer flights at The Mayor of Fort Collins and ate dinner at 415. Dessert is always a big deal to me, and when the dessert menu at 415 wasn't making my mouth water, we decided to make our date a little more meaningful. We went to Mary's Mountain Cookies - the same bakery where we ordered the desserts for our wedding. After biting into the enormous, delicious, and sweet cookies, we realized we really should have taken a few minutes to eat dessert at our wedding. #lessonlearned

We also opened the letters we wrote to one another before the wedding. The letters were sealed, locked in a box, and not meant to be opened until our one year anniversary. Let's just say, they will be going in our keepsake box to cherish for years to come. Mine was sentimental and serious. Mr. B's was hilarious and barely finished.

Paper. It's the traditional gift for one year anniversaries. I purchased the Mr. a framed art print. One to add to our collection of cities we've visited together. This one was San Francisco, since visiting the Golden Gate was on our list of things to do this month. He purchased the Mrs. a book. This isn't the first time he has surprised me with such a meaningful item to add to our bookshelf. This book shares all of the blogs I wrote during the first year I moved to Colorado. It's full of photos, adventure stories and thoughts of a girl and boy living together for the first time. It was the perfect reminder of how much our relationship has grown in the 4 years we've lived together and gives me hope for all the years we have to look ahead. But that's not all. After he gave me the book, he came walking in from the garage with a jewelry box. If you know anything about Mr. B it's that he NEVER buys jewelry. This time he did. He bought me the most beautiful strand of pearls, so I don't have to "borrow" my mother in law's any more. I wore hers for my wedding and didn't give them back until just a couple of months ago and that's only because she asked to "borrow" them back. Now I have a pair of my very own. Thank you Mr. B for always being so thoughtful and expressing it in ways that surprise me again and again. I am so lucky to have you and I can't wait to see what year two has in store for us. Probably, more camping, more hikes, and less rest and relaxation.

Year One: Paper Goods
Year One: Anniversary Cake, Almond Poppyseed with Bavarian Cream
[We didn't save it from our wedding day, we just purchased a fresh replica]
Anniversary Month, 2013

For those of you who've never seen our wedding film - you'll be blown away by the creative story telling.

scott // kylie - berthoud, co

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  1. I think the interview was a great idea and I might be stealing it for my first year anniversary. Great advice for a newlywed too! Congrats on the first year!


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