Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Month Eleven

For the second month in a row, this post is late. Oops.

Afternoon Hike

Our one year anniversary is four days past. I should be sitting here writing that post, instead I have that one and the month before to write. Ugh, why did I get behind? I did so well keeping a "journal" of our travels through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, but really fell behind on our monthly marriage recap. #fail

Summer is in full swing - cool mornings, hot days, warm evenings. I am loving it. In fact, I am sitting on my bed, enjoying the smell of clean sheets, cool breeze blowing through the window and the soft buzzing sounds of our ceiling fan above. Is there anything better?

I digress.

Month Eleven was essentially May 5th to June 5th. Gosh that seems forever ago. I think I actually need to go back to my calendar to remind myself of all the things we did. If it wasn't for Google Calendar, we would be late for everything, show up to nothing, and never plan ahead. Here are the main events I gathered from our calendar:

  • Monty healed from his attack the month before. In fact, we say he ended up with a little plastic surgery - a leg lift. 
  • Mr. B traveled to Cochities Burn Area, NM and Alturas, CA for work. He drove the first and flew the second. I got nothing accomplished while he was away, I never do. 
  • We made the decision to hire a company to paint the exterior of our house for two reasons. One, who has the time for a project of that magnitude? Two, there is no way you are getting me on a 30 foot ladder to hang off the side with a paintbrush in hand. We've scheduled our color consult for mid-July. I want gray, Mr. B wants green. 
  • Our friends Tom and Lauren visited all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina. We had a blast visiting Coors Brewery, spinning the wheel at D'Deli, watching crazy acts on Pearl Street, hiking Kruger Rock and picnicking at the top, touring Hammond's Candy, biking downtown Denver and eating non-stop! That's what we do best when we are together. Please come back soon.  
  • We rented Denver B-Cycle's for the first time with our said friends above. Eight bucks for a bike with a basket that can be used to tour the city. That's the only way to see a city, right? It has been decided, we will be taking all of our future guests.
  • On May 15th it was three years since my dad passed. As I've done the last two years, I bought balloons from the market, wrote all of the things he's missed this past year and released them into the sky for heaven to catch. To end the day, we met our good friends and toasted with a cold Coors Light. 
  • On May 30th it was three years since my grandfather passed. Every year a grandchild is asked to write a poem in his memory to be published in the local news paper. This year, my brother and I collaborated and wrote all the ways we are reminded of the impact he had on us. 
  • I traveled to Atlanta for a conference and finally met the famous Coca-Cola mascot, the Polar Bear. I also stayed and extra night to spend some quality time with our adventure friends, Scott and Stephy. We laid by the pool, we played "keep it up" with free beach balls, we toasted to good friends with tasty beer, we laughed until we peed (almost) at the Comedy Club, and ate thee best pecan pie at Dante's Down the Hatch. Too bad Mr. B wasn't there to share in all the fun!
  • On May 20th an F5 tornado wrecked havoc through Moore, Oklahoma. Destroying over 5,000 structures and homes. There are not enough prayers to replace what they lost.
  • My Aunt Barb retired this month after many long years at Conrail/Norfolk Southern. In honor of her, my cousin Bree put together a book of creative photos from the entire family - congratulating her and my uncle on the many wonderful years they have moving forward. 
  • We spent Memorial Day weekend camping at one of our favorite nearby campgrounds, called Hermit Park. Of course, since it was a holiday weekend, there were too many kids. And people who say they camp, but don't really, had their generators running non-stop. Note to self, next year we will go somewhere more remote. 
  • Monty went on his first canoe ride this month. I think Mr. B had more anxiety about the trip that the dog did. Thankfully we didn't tip, but we sure need more practice.
  • Mr. B's brother graduated college this month. We forgot how long graduation ceremonies were, but we cheered loud when they announced his name. Then celebrated with lots of alcohol and German Chocolate cake afterwards. Maybe now, he will have a little more time on his hands. 
  • Mr. B sent his truck to the auto-body shop the in preparation for our big Yellowstone camping trip. He anticipated it would be at least one thousand dollars. He called me from work and said, guess what, it's only $182. I drove him to pick it up after work and within 5 minutes, we the truck was back in the shop. This time, the bill was over seven hundred dollars. I suppose his first assumption was right, dangit.
  • Mother's Day was this month. Too bad we didn't spend the day with either of our mama's. We will have to make up for that next year. 
  • Since Mr. B spent half of the month on the road, I was in charge of planting most of the flowers this year. Now he complains that I don't take care of them. My excuse, "Yeah, but I planted them." 
  • In addition to the colorful blooms, Mr. B planted his garden full of tomatoes, onions, green peppers, yellow peppers, habanero peppers, and jalapenos. I am already looking forward to our harvest days later this summer. 
  • We also planted an herb garden. Traditional herbs for jazzing up our spaghetti sauce and then mint for homemade mojitos. Now we need to learn how to make them.
  • I received a random calendar request from my romantic husband this month. It was titled "Surprise Weekend Getaway" and set for the middle of August. As much as I love surprises, the suspense is killing me. I still have no clue where we might be going. All I said in reply was, "This doesn't involve the camper, does it?"
  • The first weekend of Johnstown we were awoken at 4:30AM by the fire department, strolling our town, shouting in their megaphones "Pancakes, come get your pancakes!" This is one perk to living in a small town. Every year, our town celebrates "Johnstown Days" - it starts with a breakfast at the firehouse at 5:00AM, a parade down main street by mid-morning, a bbq at the park during the afternoon and fireworks at dusk. Of course, we went to breakfast, I never pass up an opportunity to see firemen :) 

I asked Mr. B to summarize Month Eleven in his own words. He said, "I don't think I was home that month." I replied, "You weren't but do you have anything to say about us or our relationship? Maybe that when you are gone so much, you appreciate the days when you are home?" He said, "Umm... I love you?"

That wasn't really what I was going for. Oh well. I love him too, even on the nights he isn't feeling overly romantic.

On to our last month of the year. Goodness, time sure does fly when you're in love.

Memorial Day Camping Trip - an old homestead
Retirement Photo for my Aunt Barb
Picnic in the mountains with the Brence's
Herb Garden
Johnstown Days - Breakfast at the Firehouse
Graduation Day for Dave
Monty's First Canoe Ride
For my Dad
For my Pap

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