Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yellowstone, Day 4

“Looking for a bear-bear, I’ll settle for a moose.
Looking for a bear-bear, I’ll settle for a wolf.
Looking for bear-bear, I’ll settle for a buffalo.”

This was a little jingle Mr. B made up on our sight-seeing tour this morning. Everywhere you look you see buffalo, but we have yet to see a bear or a wolf. My husband can spot wildlife better than any hunter I’ve ever met. So when he is going 45mph and comes to a near dead stop, I know it’s something worthwhile. Today when he did that I asked, “What does your naked eye see?” He said, “A bear, maybe a buffalo.” I looked, and all I saw was a tree. After peering through a pair of binoculars, it wasn’t a bear, but a buffalo. Crap.
Speaking of bears, Mr. B jumped out of bed in the middle of the night last night and ran out the door of the camper. I opened my eyes and said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I forgot to put the grill away and I don’t want the bears to come.” That’s all I remember.
I later learned he was dreaming that a grizzly bear came to the camper and tore apart the grill. Now it all makes sense. I am just thankful he was the one dreaming of grizzlies and not me.
Our stops today consisted primarily of waterfalls - Gibbon Falls, Cascade Falls, and Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. To get to the Lower Falls you have to walk 3/8th of a mile. Doesn’t sound too intense, right? Well tell me that after you’ve dropped 600 feet in vertical and then have to walk back up. It’s literally brutal and had my lungs not begged for oxygen the entire time, I would have bitched every step of the way. However, standing on top of a 308 foot waterfall that crushed right into the canyon creating the most beautiful rainbow was visual overload – it was amazing.
We also stopped at Norris Geyser Basin today. I had no expectations upon arrival, which is why I think it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip thus far. It literally felt as if we were walking into another world – full of emerald green springs, exploding geysers, and steam pots. Pictures do not do it justice. Do they ever?
If I didn’t have patience before this trip, I sure am learning. When you have a husband who takes over 600+photos in less than 4 days, you understand that while he spends half of his time capturing the perfect shot, I am standing there… just waiting.
We decided to come back to camp a little early today to relax. If you didn’t already know, Mr. B doesn’t know how to relax, so we ended up going for a bike ride around the campground. I happened to notice a young kid swaying back and forth on a hammock and decided when we got back to our campsite, I was going to pull out our old hammock that hadn’t been used in years.
While I was unraveling the dang thing and attempting to choose the perfect trees to hang it, Mr. B was off near the river collecting his camera and tripod. He had set it up the hour before and left it, hoping to capture a time-lapse of a storm passing through. Instead, he captured a little Frenchman, undressing down to his speedo and taking a swim/bath in the cool water. He was not very happy. I think he would have been, if it had been a lovely Frenchwoman. Maybe not, do they shave?
I however, thought it was hilarious and thought it was even funnier that the man looked directly into the camera when he stripped down.
Anyway, the laughter continued because shortly after I laid down in the hammock, the damn thing snapped and I fell directly into the woodpile below. The neighbors laughed, my husband laughed and I cried because I lost a perfectly good beverage down my shirt.
The fall was a great conversation starter with our neighbors. Turns out they are from Denver and have been married for 44 years. They told us they’d been watching Mr. B for the last hour as he cut wood, prepared dinner, and made us mixed drinks. Then they saw me reading a book, laying in the hammock and drinking. They thought for sure we were one our honeymoon. Little did they know, if Mr. B had it his way, this is exactly where we would have come to consummate our marriage.
To end our day, Mr. B finally used the wood we bought on night one so we could make ourselves a toasty marshmallow. That smore made up for the nasty bruise I earned falling three feet to ground.
A full belly means we are off to bed. It has been an eventful day and Mr. B will have me back up again at the crack of down.
Sweet dreams, hopefully not of grizzlies.
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Lower Falls
Hammock, pre-fall
Norris Basin
Post Office in the Park where we mailed postcards

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