Monday, June 10, 2013

Yellowstone, Day 3

I should have mentioned this in my first blog. I apologize in advance for the typos and formatting issues. There are only four locations in the entire park that have cell phone service and our campground isn’t one of them. In fact, the closest one is about 14 miles from here. So I am usually begging Mr. B to drive me there, with his droid, so I can tether internet and post my blog. He gives me about 15 minutes before he starts losing patience.
On day three, we woke up feeling refreshed. We slept for close to ten hours without waking – that never happens, especially in the camper. We jumped in the truck only to be caught in a traffic jam 5 miles down the road. We were at a dead stop. People were getting in and out of their vehicles, walking along the side of the road with cameras in tow only to find a heard of buffalo owning the road. No, it wasn’t an accident that was causing the jam, it was a heard of buffalo. There are not too many places you can say that. Welcome to Yellowstone.
Mr. B promised he would take me to Old Faithful today, but I had to agree to sight see along the way. In other words, we left at 8:30 and didn’t arrive to see the big lady erupt until 2:30. That’s okay though. He has been telling me that Old Faithful isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Basically, he feels there are way more cool things in this park. Really? There is no way the one thing that turned this land into a National Park isn’t going to be one of the most amazing things I see in my life.
Guess what? He was right. He loves hearing that and has asked me to repeat it about 15 times already.
The Sapphire Pool and bubbling mudpits were way more spectacular than a geyser shooting 100 ft from the surface of the earth. Why you ask? Old Faithful is a tourist trap and rather than admire the beauty, you’re distracted by hundreds of people who won’t stop talking - most in foreign languages and others who think they are hilarious trying to predict the exact second the eruption will occur. It loses its beauty when all you want to do is politely smack the people around you.
With all of that said, waiting for the famous geyser to burst was suspenseful and exciting.
We also had our first hike today – Mystic Falls. We were half way to the falls when I realized we forgot to pack the bear bell. I kept trying to talk to create enough noise to scare Mr. Grizzly (if he was nearby). Mr. B wasn’t in the mood to talk though, so I started singing. The only song I could think of at the time was Lady Gaga Bad Romance. If Lady Gaga can scare half the human race, I suppose she could scare Mr. Grizzly away too, right? Thankfully, we had no bear run-in’s and the waterfall was pretty awesome.
On to other topics, we finally showered today, first time in two days. My armpits were beginning to smell and Mr. B’s feet could clear a room. When my husband booked this trip he told me we would have a bath house to take showers during the week. Well one week ago, he informed me that the bath house wasn’t actually at our campground. Instead, we’d have to drive 16 miles to the Old Faithful lodge. It is a production, but we are finally clean.  Oh and Scott finally learned to walk in “thongs” – AKA flip-flops.  When he got out of the shower, he realized he forgot to pack a pair of clean socks, so he threw on a pair of Old Navy flip-flops I bought him last year. He called me when he was half way to the truck and said, “How the hell do people walk in these things? I actually took them off and walked in the rocks, because that was less painful than wearing something that goes between your toes!”
Earlier in the day we took a small detour past “The Great Fountain Geyser” and it was all dried up. The sign said, “Eruption will occur between 7PM-11PM this evening.” We agreed if we weren’t too tired, we’d be back. And sure enough we went.
There were close to 20 people waiting and sitting on benches with their cameras on tripods and iPhones in hand. The pools surrounding the geyser were full, which was a sign that the geyser would erupt between 90-115 minutes. I didn’t make that up, that’s what the sign said. But the sign obviously lies. We waited, and waited and waited some more. So long that Mr. B actually got bored taking photos – that never happens. Or maybe it was because the sun was setting and even if it did erupt we wouldn’t be able to see it. The sunset was stunning though and made the wait worthwhile.
Two hours later, we were the second to last people to leave. Everyone gave up and I can damn near guarantee the second we all departed, the damn thing probably shot 200 feet in the air. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Geyser:1 Bores:0.
To summarize the day, I have one statement for you. “Dude, the earth boils.” Add this place to your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed.
It’s late and a bunch of teenagers just walked past the camper and burped loud enough to wake the grizzlys.
Good night.

Buffalo Traffic Jam
Cliff Geyser
Sapphire Pool
Mystic Falls and Mr. B
Old Faithful
The Great Fountain Geyser that never erupted

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