Saturday, June 8, 2013

Roadtrip, Night 1

When I made the decision to document our trip I had planned on writing a daily recap. However, night one deserves a short post all on its own.
Mr. B barely made it to the part where Forrest leaves for Vietnam before he was passed out, sound asleep.  Although I felt tired, I think all the naps I had taken earlier in the day were catching up with me. I was wired. I decided to open a one of the several books I brought along, but I quickly got annoyed with swatting the little nats that seemed to be attracted to my book light. So I finally jumped in bed.
Well, it wasn’t long before the tears started rolling down my face – I missed my dog. I am so used to his presence in the camper and snoring next to me on the couch. I woke Mr. B from his slumber with the noise of me blowing my nose. Of course, he laughed at me, but reminded me Monty was okay and we would see him in a week. Good grief, if I am this bad over a dog, what will I do when I have little Bores babies?
Finally, we were sleeping soundly, but not for long.
At 2AM the wind picked up. I don’t mean a small breeze, I mean 50-60mph gusts. Mr. B gawked out the window at the lightening in the distance, while I was standing in the middle of the camper shaking like a leaf. Again, tears rolling down my face. Visions of the Oklahoma tornados flooded my mind. All I could think of was a tornado was headed right for us, it was going to swoop up our camper and throw us right into the reservoir. This was not how I wanted to die. Where was my dog when I needed him?
I begged Mr. B to find a radio station that would provide a weather update and ease my anxiety. All our antenna was picking up was a country radio station that was pre-recorded. It took us about 4 songs to realize they were never going to provide a weather update. I love country music, but not at 2:30 in the morning. We finally found a muffled AM station that shared a couple of storms that were moving Southeast – away from us. 
I could finally breathe. Whew.
We laid back down, hoping to sleep through the whipping winds, but it wasn’t long before Mr. B decided to face the wind head on and pull our canvas beds back in the camper. He feared that our canvas would tear to shreds and we wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep for the next 7 nights. I didn’t argue.
In case you are unfamiliar with our camper we have a hard shell base that includes a small bathroom, kitchen, dinette and couch. But our beds pop out of the sides – similar to a pop-up camper. We use one bed to store our clothes and spare blankets and sleep in the other.
So there we were, one mattress folded on the floor, suitcases, clothes and blankets all over the dinette, and both of us curled up on the couch/bed. It is only 5 feet long, so we were literally curled begging for a few minutes of sleep before sunrise.
The wind was relentless and growled into the early morning. 
So much for a good night sleep, we were up and packing at 6:30AM.
On the road again….
Makeshift Bed #1

Makeshift Bed #2

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