Saturday, June 8, 2013

Roadtrip, Day 1

Mr. B has been dreaming of this day for months, maybe even a year. The camper was packed to the brim with every blanket we owned, a month’s worth of clothes and every camping gadget you could possibly think of. Mr. B had maps in the driver side door, our GPS suctioned to the windshield, his ipod loaded with our favorite albums and a bottle of vitamin water in the center console. I had a bag full of snacks, three books (even though I can’t read in the car), a stack of trashy magazines, and my pillow to help me fall asleep when I was tired of annoying my husband.

Today we departed for our week long camping adventure to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park.
I wish I could say the day was full of hilarious road trip stories, but to be honest, we got off to a rough start. The kind where four hours before you leave, your husband gets a migraine and is too stubborn to delay the trip for one day. The kind when you finally leave your driveway and get 2 miles away the house to realize you forgot your backpack, which is a necessary accessory when your significant other will have you hiking every second of every day. The kind when you leave your driveway for the second time and hit your neighbors basketball hoop with the camper and have to get out to access the damage. The kind where you drop off your dog at the kennel, and yell at your husband for five minutes for planning a camping trip that doesn’t include the dog. [Dogs are not allowed in National Parks, so sad!]
I am not sure Mr. B and I said more than 100 words to each other on our 348 mile drive today. We did listen to an audio book along the way and have approximately 15 hours left before we finally know how it ends. I finally caved in and downloaded Candy Crush, but I can’t seem to get past level 23 and I am out of lives.  I ate the entire drive. In fact, we stopped at a gas station and I bought 4 candy bars. I am not kidding.  I napped.  And I think I only asked “how much longer” a few times. Don’t think the ride back will be this good, Bores. You can’t be that lucky.
At 8:05PM, we finally stopped for the day at a place called Boysen State Park (Reservoir); Tamarask Campground. AKA a nice, quiet site right next to the water. It’s 80 degrees and we are feeling the cool breeze blow through the camper. I am sitting at the dinette typing away. Mr. B is lying on the couch watching Forrest Gump. And our home-made pizza is baking in the oven.  This is my kind of camping.
Don’t worry we have the next 7 days to get dirty, make a campfire, roast marshmallows and sit out under the stars.
For now, it’s been a long day and we are beat. We have to be up at sunrise to hit the road for another 235 miles to Yellowstone. Are we there yet?
Goodnight y’all.
Pitstop: A dino with a saddle. Awesome.
Mr. B - what I starred at for 6 hours
Our Campsite View
Sunset, Goodnight

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