Monday, June 3, 2013

Month Ten

This blog is late. Almost a month late. In fact, we are closer to month eleven, than month ten. Although, I have made it this far, I can't stop two months short of our one year anniversary.

Cooking Class
So much has happened in the last 8 weeks, I can assure you this month's post will probably be missing a lot of things, or be mixed up with the events that have happened this last month rather than the month before. The sad thing is, I was so excited to write this post and even remember saying to Mr. B one evening over a beer - month ten might be our best post yet. Fail.

Without further ado, here is the recap of month ten:

  • We went to a cooking class. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite dates, but I still make Mr. B cook. 
  • Mr. B drank a beer made with Rocky Mountain Oysters. Bull testicles is not something I want in my beer. YUCK.
  • My brother and sister in law celebrated their two year wedding anniversary this month. Last year they went to Mexico to celebrate and this year they went to the Dominican Republic. Take notes, Mr. B. 
  • We skied for the last time this year. I convinced Mr. B to buy me a pair of boots the night before. Turns out boots don't help you when your stuck in two feet of powder. He is making me take lessons next year. 
  • I visited Altoona this weekend. That was an eventful trip and should really be saved for an entire blog post. In short, my first flight was delayed, my second almost caught on fire, my luggage never showed up and I got a speeding ticket on my way home. #travelingsucks 
  • While I was home, I got to enjoy my mama's company, Tim's Cafe wings, my sister and her boyfriends life stories, my nieces and how grown up they suddenly are, my friends while singing karaoke, and my aunts family gathering. Those trips don't happen often enough.
  • Mr. B visited Washington and Arkansas this month. Neither location sounded very exciting, but after looking at his Instagram posts, he made both look way more gorgeous than I imagined.
  • Earth Day was this month. We still don't recycle. 
  • We ran our very first "race" this month, the Graffiti Run. I wanted to walk most of it, Mr. B wouldn't let me. I ate more powder than I had on my shirt. That may be our last race, ever. We could never be runners.
  • Monty attended the Doodle Reunion this year. Every year his breeder invites all of her litters to get together. It made us want a whole family of doodles, one in every color.
  • I started watching The Voice this year. Goodbye Randy Jackson, Hello, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. I should have made the switch years ago.
  • I had my very first CT Scan this month. I started hearing my own heart beat in my ear. Turns out I had Pulsatile Tinnitus. My doctor wanted to rule out that I didn't have any tumors or lesions on my jugular or carotid artery. I didn't. So now I must learn to cope with this very annoying sound. But I'd rather cope than have a much more serious diagnosis to deal with.
  • While going for my CT, my husband learned first hand how much I hate IV's. He didn't laugh, but he is worried about the day when I have his child. Thankfully he was nice enough to treat me to a hot chocolate and biscuits and gravy afterwards. #goodman
  • Mr. B made wine this month with a friend from work. He promised it would have alcohol in it this time. 
  • We celebrated this month on our very first camping trip of the season - in Deckers, CO. The town has some of the best fishing in the state and Mr. B didn't bring our fishing rods. 
  • We attended the Furry Scurry for the third year in a row. Monty wore his race number, he ate ice cream, he was given an entire bag of Veggie Chip treats, and he peed on a vendor table. I say it was a success.
  • After the Furry Scurry, we visited the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market. Is there anything better than a Farmer's Market?
  • While meeting our lovely camper neighbors, their new dog decided to attack Monty. After a lot of vet bills, 8 stitches, and a cone of shame - please learn to defend yourself, Monty Goose.

I always ask Mr. B what his thoughts/feelings are each month. This time he told me "GO MAKE VEGETABLES!" Yes sir. He was rotisserie-ing a roast and I was supposed to be making the sides. Oops. Don't worry I heated up some beans and veggies in no time. This is what real marriage is all about, kiddos. 

Family Photo at the Doodle Reunion
Kissing his cousins
a mess
Furry Scurry 2013

Be back in a few days with a recap on Month Eleven. E-L-E-V-E-N!!! That is one month away from one Y-E-A-R. Year, I said. Already?

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  1. You guys seem having great fun. How did you lace your boots by the way? can you please tell me?


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