Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grand Teton, Day 8

It’s our last day before we depart for the ten hour drive home.

For the first time all week, we finally made breakfast. I was tired of eating granola bars and was craving a tasty start to my day.  Mr. B made coffee for himself and tea for me, while I made biscuits in the oven and warmed sausage gravy on the stove-top. Today was already going better than the day before.

We made the decision to hike Hidden Falls and kayak on Jenny Lake. We needed to get to the lake before the afternoon storms set in, but when we arrived the cool air blowing off the lake had all of the employees dressed in winter hats and gloves. I looked at Mr. B and thought to myself, I am not sure I packed appropriately for today’s adventure. We decided, we better hike first to get our blood pumping and if it got a little warmer we would venture out on the water with paddles in tow.

We paid a small fee and took the Jenny Lake Shuttle Boat across the lake to the trail head of Hidden Falls. It was a scenic hike, but not a private one. I am fairly certain every obnoxious teenager from the state of Wyoming was there on a field trip. It didn't take long for the both of us to get annoyed and realize maybe we don’t want kids after all.

Again this was one of those hikes where I didn't have any expectation and I’m learning, those usually turn out to be my favorite trips. The waterfall was probably one of my favorites of the week. It was tall and hidden back in the crevasse of the mountain. You can hear the rushing water for most of the hike, so as we were nearing I knew it had to be something pretty spectacular. It’s not something you can see from the trail. You actually have to turn down a narrow path and around a few corners before you look up in awe. By then, it’s straight ahead and misting you with its beauty.

After the waterfall we continued on to Inspiration Point. I felt less than inspired, instead, just out of breath. I don't recommend it.

We decided to hike the 2.5 miles back to the dock, instead of taking the shuttle boat. It was nice, but steep. Along the way I dropped my credit card and ID, next to the shore, without evening knowing it. Thankfully a dear Asian woman found it and ran ahead to catch us on the trail. God Bless her.

It was nearing late morning by the time we made it back. The sun was shining bright and the breeze was slow and steady. When trying to decide if we should venture on the kayak, Mr. B looked at me and said, “When in Rome, right?” Not only was he dying to get his Go-Pro wet, but it would probably be one of the last times we'd be staying in the park. So in the kayak we went.

I can't say it was the most enjoyable kayak experience of my life, but the view definitely made up for it. If you are anything like me, you probably don’t know much about Grand Teton and the surrounding mountains. The park is named after the tallest peak in the Teton Range and what makes them famous is their lack of foothills. They're essentially 13,000 foot mountains, that rise 7,000ft from the base of a lake. It’s breathtaking and here we were in a kayak, starring right up at the tall mountainous beauty. 

Kayak at Jenny Lake

I spent the first portion relaxing and letting my husband paddle us around. I spent the second portion waiting…again. He was mounting his Go-Pro to a pole and then to his paddle and then to the kayak itself. In fact, at one point, he had us “docked” next to a rock about 50 feet from shore. The water was shallow, but high enough to cover our shoes if we would have stepped into the water. So Mr. B was sitting on an unstable rock attempting to mount his camera, while I was inside the Kayak doing my best to dig my paddle into the bottom of the lake. All the while, we were getting slammed by waves created from the shuttle boat. We really should have tipped, but thankfully, that unstable rock, kept us afloat.

All I have to say, is that video you captured, better be worth it, Mr. B.

To celebrate our successful kayaking trip, we decided head to Jackson Hole and have a beer at Snake River Brewery. It was the first time in 7 days that we had really amazing cell phone service. So Mr. B spent most of his time on Untappd and I spent my time catching up on social media. After a few good beers and a quick drive around the mountainous town, we headed back to camp to enjoy our last evening of vacation by the campfire. The flies were buzzing again and rather than  listen to me complain, Mr. B suggested we eat ice cream from the carton and watch Forrest Gump [inside].

It was the perfect ending to a long, entertaining, fun, exhausting week.

To my husband: Who knew I could survive a week in a camper? You did, I sure didn’t. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably miss out on half the amazing things our country has to offer. Thank you for always taking me to new places and encouraging me to be open minded. Despite the drive, the shitty hammock and the swarm of flies, this trip definitely goes down as one of my favorites together. I love you, Mr. B.

AHEM, one last thing. My husband never put down his camera. Prove it, you ask? He took 1,138 photos, 4,492 time lapse frames, and 59 minutes of video on this trip. Total media equaled 43.15 GB. And you wondered why I got tired of waiting. However, it was totally worth it when I watched this awesome video he put together. 
I think you will agree. Enjoy.


from Scott Bores
on Vimeo.

Hidden Fall

Hidden Fall

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