Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grand Teton, Day 7

Mr. B said to me the other day, “Are you ever going to finish your blog posts about our trip? People probably think we got stranded out there!”

I don’t think any of you are worried, but I do apologize for the delay.

On Day 7, we loaded up the camper and hit the road for our two hour drive to Grand Teton National Park. 


We arrived by mid morning and pulled into Lizard Creek Campground. It’s next to the water and had a lot of sites to choose from. Mr. B was attempting to back into the perfect site, when a strange old woman slid open the window in her modern day VW bus and yelled, “That site is a tough one to get in.” I told him to ignore her and try again. Guess what? The crazy old woman was right. If we made it in, we were never getting out.

So we moved on to a larger site and set up camp. It wasn’t long before Mr. B pointed out the swarm of flies above our camper. They may have been 20 feet in the air, but there were thousands of them. I couldn’t control my anxiety; I thought they were going to attack me. Maybe I should be on meds? Or maybe I am not meant to play in the outdoors this long? Mr. B laughed at me for awhile and then he soon got annoyed.  He told me I was being a baby and that if I came out of the camper and sat next to the fire, they would leave me alone. He was right, but I could still hear the buzzing noise. It made me feel like I was being tortured in a nuthouse.

To keep my mind off the flies, we decided to roast hotdogs on the fire. Is roast the right word to use? Either way, that was the first time we had hotdogs in a long time. My in-laws bought us a “hot dog roaster” that looks and acts like a fishing rod. As you reel, the dogs turn and rotate. It’s the perfect creation and it kept Mr. B occupied for a good 5 minutes.

Following lunch, I was still cranky. So we decided it was probably best to take a drive and leave the flies for a little while. The drive didn’t last that long though. All I wanted was a candy bar and Mr. B wasn’t really in the mood to drive. I mean, we had been driving all week. 

As we looked out the window trying to find somewhere exciting to stop, we saw a sign marked scenic road that led to a lookout point. Of course, Mr. B NEVER passes up the opportunity to drive down a scenic road, so we drove to the top and had a great view of Grand Teton and fields upon fields of wild flowers.

From there, we continued on to Jenny Lake to inquire about kayaks and make plans for the following day.  While we were there, a few storm clouds were passing over the mountains and Mr. B wanted to set up a time lapse. For once, I didn’t mind. I was away from the flies and finally had a candy bar in my hand. I grabbed by picnic blanket and laid down in the median of the parking lot. While he was adjusting his camera and playing with the settings, I finally finished the seventh book of the Harry Potter series. I know, I am way behind the times and even days later, I am still mad about Dobby!

Our mid-afternoon break ended and we were back to the flies sooner than I would have liked. It didn't take long for me to end up in the camper protected from the swarm and breaking into the liquor cabinet. We drank margaritas, played UNO (Mr. B won) and drank more margaritas.  

I think Mr. B had hoped I would get drunk enough to forget the flies, actually sit outside. But I didn't, so we went to bed.

Perhaps this is why I waited so long to post this blog – it was the least exciting day of our trip. I suppose they can’t all be as thrilling as grizzly bears, Frenchman and broken hammocks.

Night fans.

Hot Dog Roaster and #CampBores
Look Out Point
Grand Teton
Does this need a caption?

PS. I forgot to mention in my last post from Yellowstone that I convinced Mr. B to drive past the Great Fountain Geyser again. I am so glad I did, because it was actually erupting.  It was more like 40 feet instead of the 120ft that the sign suggested, but at least we can say we saw it. #success

Great Fountain Geyser

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